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CD/LP April 12

The Jaydees are like a who is how  in Dutch americana music. Apart from their regular music routines, they truly enjoy coming together in this exceptional group to work on great songs and heartfelt roots music.

The Jaydees are an Americana, singer-songwriter, roots rock formation, formed in the south of the Netherlands in 2015. They are known for their harmonious vocals, captivating melodies, authentic sound, and honest, poetic lyrics. All members of The Jaydees have
already had a rich musical career or are still part of a wide range of diverse bands, such as Wealthy Beggar, Deacon Blue, Majestic Scene, Rosemary’s Sons, Straf, Vicente Amigo, Poor Man Richie, Racoon, and many others.
In 2013, they came together due to a shared love for roots and country music, with the intention of playing the songs of their influences. After a few performances, blood was thicker than water, so their passion led them to write their own songs with songwriters Derrick and Joop being part of the group. This resulted in two albums, “Work With What We’ve Got”, released in 2016, and “Dandelions” in 2018, both of which received praise from the press.
In 2023, they recorded a brand new album titled “Solitude”; at Studio Wild Verband with BJ Baartmans. The songs on this album were mostly written by Joop but would not shine in all their diversity without the inspiring arrangements and influential contributions from band members. With an unparalleled contribution from violinist Kim de Beer in three of the new songs, it marks a step forward in their musical development, with the same dedication as always, but possibly more intense, with a broader dynamic, the courage to seek stillness, and
the freedom to indulge in melodious guitar riffs.

The Jaydees:
Joop van de Kuip, Derrick van Schie, Maarten van Damme, Ewen Vernal, Kees Swanenberg

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