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Debut Album: SUNNY BLEAU - Breakfast Served Cold

SUNNY  BLEAU - Breakfast Served Cold

On her debut album, Breakfast Served Cold, Sunny Bleau uses every hue in the blues palette. While there might be flirtations with shades of jazz, soul, pop and country sprinkled across her canvas, the primary color is most definitely blue. Over the course of 11 songs she balances precision, power and raw emotion to paint a memorable sonic picture. "A few years ago I was singing with two of the guys who ended up being the core of my band, the Moons,” she relates. "We were doing a lot of jazz and standards and, at a certain point, everyone kept saying 'hey, you can sing blues too.' It was one of those lightbulb moments, we started going deep into the blues and everything just clicked.

I've never considered myself a vocalist, I'm a storyteller. The songs on this record go in the direction the lyrics take them, and I'm telling stories. It's about telling a story, presenting the truth; sometimes

its fun and flirtatious, sometimes its deep." Bleau taps into universal themes of love, lust, loss and redemption, but her stories resonate on a deeper level. "Everybody gets the blues, everyone can relate to it. It doesn't matter if

they're blue collar, white collar, rich, poor, whatever; they get it. I try to write from a woman's perspective, to give

women a voice to all those secrets we hold inside. I want everybody who sees us, everyone who hears these songs, to connect with them in a way that they feel like their secrets are safe with me." Sunny Bleau might be serving her breakfast cold, but she delivers the heat. Blues is the truth, and these songs don't lie.



Let It Slide 2. He's My Peach 3. On Your Way To Me 4. Holy Water And Hell Fire 5. Autumn Leaves Winning 7. King Of Hearts 8. Bedroom Rendezvous 9. Sparrow Song 10. Denver 11. I Should Be Sleeping

 Social: sunnybleau.comfacebook.com/sunnybleaumusic  | Store: https://sunnybleau.com/store

Publicity & Radio: Larry Kay / Night Train PR • nighttrainpr@voicenet.com  



The sultry, gregarious and personable woman called "Sunny Bleau" is known for her straight forward lyrics,  passionate performances, strong vocals and playful personality.  People close to Sunny describe her as a ray of sunshine when she enters a room. As Sunny and her Producer and song-writing partner, Nicholas A. Cocco, started to work on her first singles and stage show they wanted to create something that felt like an escape form the everyday. 


"Sunny Bleau looks at life through rose colored glasses (literally). She always sees the glass as half full and she is always ready to have a good time. Sunny is who every person who feels like life shit all over them wants to be around! Think about who and what you could be and do if only... people could look past the size, shape and color of another person.  If only people would stop telling us that we're no good, or that we're not talented enough or that we're too heavy or too short! What would life be like without hurt or abuse? Imagine a life without regret! Yes, a life without social depression! A life without being afraid! A life where you don't feel unworthy! A life without racism or classism... a life without labels! 


Sunny lives in that imaginary utopia where love and acceptance flows like honey and carbohydrates (and maybe a protein) are served at every meal!  Sunny is big, beautiful, bold, strong, and compassionate. She isn't afraid of life, love, romance or her curves! She tells stories about what's in her heart that offer a simple escape from the craziness of the world.  She isn't afraid to put herself out there for the world to see and to escape with! Sunny is on a journey to provide a musical vehicle to all who need to feel included in a positive, warm, playful environment. 


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