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Dirty Deuce Release New Album, "Bruised"

Dirty Deuce Release New Album, "Bruised"

Dirty Deuce has released "Bruised," the follow-up to 333, released back in 2016. The ten-track album rocks throughout with the tasty cacophony of noise that is Dirty Deuce. As the saying goes, if it's Bruised, it's gonna leave a mark!

The Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin-based group are: Reverend Rob Atwood, guitars, vocals; Jamey Clark, drums; Greg Rotiek, bass; David Passow, harmonica; and Matt Ostlund, saxophone.

"Bruised is ten tracks of hard driving Blues/Rock ‘n Roll, start to finish. This is old-school rock with a modern take, an all-original tour de force and they own it. They bill themselves as “The Musical Mathematicians of Rock -n-Roll Religion”. Their “all in” approach to Blues/Rock music has created some devout followers, plus carved out a niche in music scenes all over the Midwest. They are, unquestionably, a band apart, world- class musicians on a mission to entertain."

Release: New live album: ACOUSTIC DUO LIVE


The brand new album by Ben Poole (UK) & Guy Smeets (NL) recorded in The Netherlands in 2020

*Instant free Mp3 download of “Let’s Go Upstairs” when you pre-orde

Recorded across two nights in August 2020 in Groesbeek, The Netherlands we are pleased to announce “Acoustic Duo Live”. Featuring internationally lauded, award-winning blues, rock & soul guitarist, singer and songwriter Ben Poole alongside rapidly rising, award-winning, dutch guitar sensation Guy Smeets.

New Single: When Rivers Meet - Walking On The Wire.


“Wheel-spinning out of Dodge like Bonnie and Clyde… Grace and Aaron Bond prove capable getaway drivers on a debut album that unfolds like a road movie.”
- Classic Rock Magazine

British husband and wife blues rock duo When Rivers Meet are pleased to announce the release of their new single “Walking On The Wire” on Friday February 26th. The single is available to pre-save HERE.

Single: Urban Ladder Society

Urban Ladder Society Juke Joint Lover (Post covid Blues)

Urban Ladder Society Juke Joint Lover
Written by Stephen Johnson and Roderick Love BMI
produced by Stevie J Blues for PK music
All instruments performed by Stevie J Blues
Organ Greg Cooper
Label PKMG

Video: Urban Ladder Society

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Hitman Blues Band "Not My Circus, Not My Monkey"

Hitman Blues Band "Not My Circus, Not My Monkey"

Release Date: March 15, 2021 

Label: Nerus Records

 ”Not My Circus, Not My Monkey” is the new release from the NY based Modern/Alt Blues group, The Hitman Blues Band. Featuring captivating vocals, blistering solos, and a rhythm section pushing a consistently intense groove, it also boasts captivating lyrics ranging from light hearted to tragic.

Release: MOTORJESUS - - Hellbreaker

MOTORJESUS - - Hellbreaker

Genre: Heavy Rock
Producer: Patrick Wassenberg / Dan Swan
Formats : Ltd. Colored Vinyl, CD + Digital
Release Date: April 9th 2021
Label: AFM Marketing Distribution: Suburban / Bertus
Promotion: The Rock Online

Artist Line-Up
Chris "Howling" Birx (Vocals), Andy Peters (Guitars), Patrick Wassenberg (Guitars), Dominik Kwasny (Bass), Adam Borosch

De nieuwe MOTORJESUS-release is klaar en verdomd hete Duitse Heavy Rock. Ze zijn op Drakkar geweest en zijn nu overgestapt op AFM. Laat de motor draaien! MOTORJESUS ​​- Heavy Rock, Mönchengladbach, sinds 1992

June Sixteen - A Little Longer (single)

June Sixteen - A Little Longer (single)

Eigen Beheer | Genre: Acoustic Rock

Label: Independent / Eigen Beheer
Promotion: Sjerruf Music Support

Two passionated music lovers found each other and started writing songs. On every track they colaborate with different musicians and long time friends. Now they've released their 3rd single.

Release: Jaguar Jonze - Antihero

Jaguar Jonze (the moniker for musician-artist Deena Lynch) will release her ANTIHERO EP on April 16, 2021 via Nettwerk Records. V2 Records

 There is nothing predictable about the remarkable rise of Brisbane, Australia native Jaguar Jonze.  Her success stems from hard work, passion, and drive, and Jaguar Jonze’s second EP is a testament to that.  In March 2020, Deena contracted COVID-19, and because of her industrious nature and love for making music, she continued to record the vocals for the entire EP while in hospital care.  Speaking with VOGUE Singapore, Deena says, “COVID-19 took away my health and my livelihood. I was bedridden for seven weeks and I had a fever for five of those weeks. I was under hospital care for 40 days—being bedridden for that long also meant my muscles degraded and I had muscle atrophy. I also had fatigue which lasted six months, shortness of breath and I wasn’t capable of singing. My mental health suffered after prolonged periods of isolation, confinement, quarantine, and the uncertainty of it all.  But, I’ve been through a lot in life and have always tried to see the silver lining and be positive.”  Determined to continue to do that, she completed the EP.

Joanna Connor - Destination new Single

Joanna Connor releases her new single “Destination” produced by and featuring Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith, on Friday February 26th; on the same day she releases her new album “4801 South Indiana Avenue” via Bonamassa’s new record label KTBA Records (Keeping the Blues Alive).

Joanna’s new single, “Destination”, a raw and gritty blues rock cover of the Assassins classic, is available to stream and the new album is available to pre-order HERE.   

 To celebrate the new single, Joanna has just premiered the official music video for the single on YouTube.  Please feel free to share the music video on your website and on your socials, and let readers know the single is out this week.  Feel free to review the single, too.

Goud van Oud

Dizzy Man's Band in "Goud van Oud" van Veronica op 21 April 1989 - the Show / Matter of Facts / the Opera

Dizzy Man's Band was a Dutch fun pop group from Zaandam around singer Jacques Kloes.
The band debuted in 1970 with the song Tickatoo, with a recognizable melody line borrowed from Creedence Clearwater Revival (Down On The Corner). Blazer rock groups such as Blood, Sweat & Tears were also among the frames of reference, according to a song such as A Matter Of Facts.