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Boogie Beasts - Cold Ways (Single)


Boogie Beasts - Cold Ways (Single)

Belgian alternative blues rock band Boogie Beasts will release a new album on 19 April 2024. It will be their fourth studio album, and their fifth in total.

According to the members, it will also be their most eclectic one yet. Once again, the Beasts translate their deep love for raw blues into a sound of their own................

only this time additionally inspired by gospel, soul, desert blues & rock, rhythm & blues, psychedelia and even a touch of hip-hop. The band also assigned a bigger role to producer Koenraad Foesters, who's practically acting as a fifth band member. The result is a very groovy record full of passion and emotion, and with a very contemporary sound. "Cold Ways" is the first single.

Single available as from 08/02/2024 on all platforms: Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer, …

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