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Out Of My Way', the long-awaited new album by the band Giudi e Quani, is available in physical format and in all digital stores. It is the second recording chapter for the highly appreciated rock, blues, soul duo with an accentuated punk attitude, formed by Giuditta Cestari and Francesco Quanill.........

With 'Fool Yourself', a single with an accompanying video clip that preceded the release of the album, Giudi and Quani have conquered over 300 radio playlists, exceeding 10,000 streams on digital platforms including Spotify, YouTube and other digital stores, in just fifteen days.

The new album 'Out of My Way' was born from a contemporary period of introspection and inevitable transformation that we are all experiencing or have experienced. It represents a call to action, where personal redemption and rebirth lay the foundation of the journey. 'Out of My Way' flows quickly, a concept album that leads through a path of self-acceptance and of the reality around. An awakening slap that will make the listener re-emerge from apnea with a newfound energy.

Giudi and Quani declare about the new album: «Keeping alive, facing times. Save your mind! Is our mantra. 'Out Of My Way' is an album that invites us to look reality in the face, to welcome it despite all its contradictions, including defeats. It is with our punk nature that through this new album we urge those who listen to find their own way of acting and reacting, to rediscover their own value.».

«There is something that runs over you but caresses you, without ever hurting you. I would coin the definition of "disco-flirt" because this music is exactly what it does with those who listen to it: it flirts. And 'Out Of My Way' does it, at times even in a sensual way.» declares the magazine Rock Nation which listened to the album in preview «Rock, Garage, Punk, Soul, Blues, intermingled, here you can find them all. Look for them like kids look for their favorite ice cream flavor and then simply say... They like ice cream, regardless of whether it is pistachio or black cherry. Giudi and Quani are ready for the jump. There is no doubt.»


Facebook: www.facebook.com/giudiequani
Instagram: www.instagram.com/giudi_e_quani
YouTube: www.youtube.com/giudiequani
Spotify: https://sptfy.com/PnnO
Web: www.giudiquani.wixsite.com/giudiequani

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