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The Jujubes – Raging Moon

  • The Jujubes – Raging Moon

  • Released on September 17th 

One vocal, one blues harp and two guitars are what makes The Jujubes authentic yet unique blues sound.

Sandy, Nikki and Pete make up the trio based in South East London via Scotland, Nottingham and Hackney.

Born out of a passion to keep this genre alive, The Jujubes on their debut album have chosen eight songs from childhood memories of discovering the blues and three originals, recorded in their living room.

With only the desire to create something that felt right and felt good, The Jujubes hope that listening to this album will remind you of the Willie Dixon quote “The Blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits”.

This album is great to listen to something that reminds you of how the raw simplicity of blues and how it can be carried forward and all of this style of music isn't just left in the archives of time

The Jujubes made their mark on the blues scene last year with their debut album Where are we now receiving great reviews, a two-page spread in Blues in Britain magazine and radio play on at least three stations every day for the following 8 months.

“The debut album from The Jujubes has really cheered me up. If you love Blues, and let’s face it, there is no better genre to capture the challenges of the past year or so - then you’ll love them. Lead singer Nikki Brooks has a voice made for the genre and it will send shivers up your spine. Have a listen.”

Raging Moon is their widely anticipated sophomore studio album. A collection of six originals and four covers charged with emotion.

Love, loss, desire and rage are the themes captured by Nikki, Sandy and Pete with their stripped back original sound of two guitars, blues harp and one vocal. Recorded live in their living room with producer OC Thomas, they wanted to evoke the attitude of blues artists who created percussion from what was around them. They used a cardboard box as a drum, foot stomps, a dustpan brush swept over the top of a Dancette, a potted palm being brushed over with fingers like a harp and even teeth gnashing!

This is an album that will take you back to a time when music was raw, honest and unfiltered.

The Jujubes are possessors of ripped open raw and dirty blues souls and the album is delivered with frankness and authority throughout

John Armstrong – Tuning up on Wasp Radio

What met me was a slow, sultry and smooth acoustic blues rock with not a little attitude. I think there’s enough here to make you want to go searching for more.


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