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We're in full swing! Between sessions at the legendary Sound Emporium and Sienna Studios, this new record is shaping up to be one for the books! Below you can find some exclusive info as thanks for being part of the Jax Hollow team/ subscriber! 

"Only The Wild Ones"

"Ethereal Emerald"

"Ride Or Die"

"Wolf In Sheepskin"

"Wallflower Girl In Bloom"

 Just a few titles from the new record! There will be around 12 songs total, and like Underdog Anthems there will be a bonus song unreleased on streaming platforms- only available on physical copies! Here's a picture of the guitar booth at Sound Emporium taken by Michael Vance. Eddie Haddad and Michael Vance are the guitar tone/tech/guitar producers for the record! That's Eddie's Blue Tele

Donate to the New Record!

Tracking this record would be impossible without your support and your generous donations! Jax Hollow is a completely independent and self made artist- everything rests on her shoulders, creatively as well as financially speaking. I'd like to acknowledge a few of my Gold Jax Hollow members who's names will be proudly printed on the new record;

  •  Dean C, North Dakota USA
  • Kerry H, Texas USA
  • Marion L, Massachusetts USA 
  • Mark C, Brighton UK

 If you'd like to be a part of the new record and send a donation you can do so my following the link below, donations are thru the "Store" tab on the Jax Hollow website. Thank you!!

Donate Here

This record would not be possible without your donations

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