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Livestream: Asphyx Metropool.

  Asphyx De legendarische Dutch Death Doom helden uit ons bloedeigen Twente keren terug naar Metropool, om de release van het nieuwe album ...

Release: Deacon Blue - Riding On The Tide Of Love

Deacon Blue - Riding On The Tide Of Love

Release date: Friday, February 5th 2021

Deacon Blue announce the lockdown companion album 'Riding On The Tide Of Love'. 

 “Riding On The Tide Of Love” features 8 brand new songs and will be released on the 5th of February 2021 via earMUSIC on CD, LP, limited edition DTC coloured vinyl LP and digital.

As Ricky Ross explains: 

“We never expected to be here, but here we are, ‘Riding On The Tide Of Love’. When we released ‘City Of Love’ back in March we celebrated it getting to No. 1 in Scotland and No. 4 in the UK, we were looking forward to a summer of festivals followed by a big tour at the end of the year. As we all know, that didn’t happen and once the dust had settled we realised we weren’t going to be going out on the road any time soon. ‘Riding On The Tide Of Love’ is a continuation of City Of Love, a companion piece that we recorded piece by piece, going into the studio one by one to record our individual parts. In its own way it’s brought us all together, we hope it will bring you together too. Three of the tracks that feature on this record, 'Look Up', 'Send A Note Out' and ‘She Loved The Snow' were recorded during the 'City Of Love' sessions, and the other tracks were started around the same time but have been finished during lock down for this release.”

1. Deacon Blue - Riding On The Tide Of Love03:54
2. Deacon Blue - She Loved The Snow03:37
3. Deacon Blue - Nothing's Changed03:17
4. Deacon Blue - Look Up04:04
5. Deacon Blue - Time04:35
6. Deacon Blue - Send A Note Out03:23
7. Deacon Blue - Not Gonna Be That Girl04:43
8. Deacon Blue - It's Still Early03:00

The ‘City Of Love’ album was the fourth full album released during a prolific eight-year period for Deacon Blue and gave the band their highest charting album in 23 years. ‘Riding On The Tide Of Love’ springs from that same fertile time in the band’s career and serves to extend that rich vein of creative form. This album is a continuation of City Of Love, a companion piece that was recorded piece by piece.

More info: brechtje.bergman@v2benelux.com 

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