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Livestream: Asphyx Metropool.

  Asphyx De legendarische Dutch Death Doom helden uit ons bloedeigen Twente keren terug naar Metropool, om de release van het nieuwe album ...

Angel - A woman's Diary the Hidden Chapter

Angel - A woman's Diary the Hidden Chapter

Helena Iren Michaelsen - Vocals
Oliver Philipps - Piano

Genre: Acoustic / Rock
Format: CD / Digital
Release Date: December 4th, 2020 
Label: Massacre 
Marketing / Distribution: Suburban / Bertus
BeNeLux Promotion:The Rock Online 

ANGEL strips down even more, and presents an album with acoustic songs only. All songs on the new album of Helena Iren Michaelsen's solo project have a deeper meaning to her.


1. Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me (Acoustic Version)
2. Little Ballerina (Acoustic Version)
3. Kjærlighet (Acoustic Version)
4. Lost (Acoustic Version)
5. Let Down (Acoustic Version)
6. Hallelujah (Acoustic Version)
7. Calling St. Cecilia (Acoustic Version)
8. Purple Rain (Acoustic Version)
9. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Acoustic Version)
10. Leave The Light On (Acoustic Version)
11. Summertime (Acoustic Version)
12. Memories (Acoustic Version)
13. Keep Your Head Held High (Acoustic Version)


Besides cover versions, "A Woman's Diary - The Hidden Chapter" also includes two original songs written by Helena.

An info sheet with additional details about the album, the front cover as well as the lyrics are available for download just below the thumbnail of the album's front cover on the right side of this page.

The new release of Helena Iren Michaelsen’s solo project ANGEL – available as CD Digipak as
well as download and stream.
• Produced and mixed by Oliver Philipps.

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