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New: Gravel & Grace - Bringing The Blues

Gravel & Grace " Bringing The Blues "  

June 19th Select O Hits
Gravel & Grace is an innovative R&B and blues group based out of the gorgeous California Central Valley that has taken
their region by storm.

This seven-piece band includes masterful instrumentalists and is fronted by two soulful blues singers.

Scares Me    4:05 2. Next Move    4:04 3. Bottles    3:36 4. When I’m Hungover    3:14 5. Love On the Brain    4:05 6. Sunday Afternoon    2:38 7. Not About A Boy    4:57 8. Picture Perfect    2:04 9. Pennies    2:48 10. Wash My Blues    3:38

Vocals - Ava Grace Vocals - Earl Matthews Guitar - Issac Lewis Guitar - Ricky Galvan Keyboard - Ava Grace Saxophone - William Melendez Bass - Joshua Broom Drums - Raymond Vazira

Next Move Audio

Big Earl Matthews is a blues veteran of more than 20 years of experience who has done everything under the sun to become the singer he is today. Ava Grace is a seventeen-year-old high school junior whose family ties in Mississippi nourished her passion for singing the blues.

Their powerful love of singing and music brought their paths together to grace the world
with Gravel & Grace.


 Frank Roszak
 KBA Recipient 2014 PUBLICIST


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