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➲ Release: Rumer - Nashville Tears

Rumer  Award-winning British vocalist and songwriter Rumer, will release her much-anticipated album, Nashville Tears on April 24 via Cooking Vinyl.  

Rumer has long been enamoured with the storytelling of country music. While living in the American South, away from the international spotlight, Rumer’s passion for musical discovery led her to Nashville Songwriters Hall of Famer, Hugh Prestwood’s work. His songs were the catalyst for Nashville Tears; fifteen of the songwriter’s finest gems, including several never recorded until now.

Rumer’s 2010 Seasons of My Soul was one of the top-charting debuts of the 2010’s. Certified platinum (UK & Ireland), it earned her a MOJO Award for Best Breakthrough Act and kicked off a career that has brought praise for Rumer’s own songwriting and “ear” for the songwriting genius of others.

Tracklist:1. Rumer - The Fate of Fireflies03:50 - 2. Rumer - June It s Gonna Happen04:05 - 3. Rumer - Oklahoma Stray03:54 - 4. Rumer - Bristlecone Pine Ft Lost Hollow04:19 - 5. Rumer - Ghost In This House04:17 - 6. Rumer - Deep Summer In The Deep South05:23 - 7. Rumer - Heart Full Of Rain03:37 - 8. Rumer - Hard Times For Lovers03:21 - 9. Rumer - Starcrossed Hanger of the Moon03:41 - 10. Rumer - The Song Remembers When03:54 - 11. Rumer - That's That04:16 - 12. Rumer - Here You Are04:04 - 13. Rumer - Learning How To Love04:02 - 14. Rumer - The Snow White Rows of Arlington04:25 - 15. Rumer - Half The Moon03:17

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