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Release: The Orb - Abolition of The Royal Familia

The Orb - Abolition of The Royal Familia

Release date: Friday, March 27th 2020
The Orb will release new record ‘Abolition of the Royal Familia’ March 27th via Cooking Vinyl.
The 17th album by prolific electronic godfather Alex Paterson and his rotating roster of collaborative cohorts. It forms part two of a pair – a continuation of the same “anything goes” ethos as the previous, critically-acclaimed longplayer ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds’.

  The album is in part inspired by and in retrospective protest of the royal family’s historical endorsement of the East India Company’s opium trade, which was hugely damaging to India and caused two wars with China in the 18th and 19 centuries. Humour, samples, deep ambience, cerebral throbbing dub, classic house, the white island, hip hop, psych and heartbreakingly beautiful contemporary composition are recognisably present, as is, perhaps less expectedly, a proudly pop element: The journey commences in light mood with the breezy Balearica of ‘Daze’, followed by cowbell heavy, rude bass powered ‘House of Narcotics’ – both of which feature Andy Cain (of Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald’s house gems ‘I’m Your Brother’ and ‘A New Day’ fame). Incidentally, the House of Narcotics is apparently what other countries called our royal family, during the aforementioned opium years.


1. 01 - Daze - Missing & Messed Up Mix02:53
2. 02 - House of Narcotics - Opium Wars Mix06:11
3. 03 - Hawk Kings - Oseberg Buddhas Buttonhole04:55
4. 04 - Honey Moonies - Brain Washed at Area 49 Mix05:10
5. 05 - Pervitin - Empire Culling & The Hemlock Stone Version04:11
6. 06 - Afros, Afghans and Angels - Helgö Treasure Chest06:20
7. 07 - Shape Shifters (in two parts) - Coffee & Ghost Train Mix10:52
8. 08 - Say Cheese - Siberian Tiger Cookie Mix05:33
9. 09 - Ital Orb - Too Blessed To Be Stressed Mix07:21
10. 10 - The Queen of Hearts - Princess Of Clubs Mix05:09
11. 11 - The Weekend it Rained Forever - Oseberg Buddha Mix (The Ravens Have Left The Tower)12:38
12. 12 - Slave Till U Die No Matter What U Buy - L’anse Aux Meadows Mix 
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