SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE - Reveal stream of 'Watchagonnado (live)'

Taken from new album ‘Road Chronicles: Live!’
Release Date: 12 July 2019 
via Provogue/Mascot Label Group

Supersonic Blues Machine have revealed the live version of 'Watchagonnado' taken from their upcoming live-album, ‘Road Chronicles: Live!’ on 12th July 2019 via Provogue/Mascot Label Group

Talking about the song, Fabrizio Grossi says; “It has a thumping funky-soul hop to it that it never fails to get the crowd involved , which makes it twice as fun for us on stage playing it. One of our favorites to play live and i guess you hear that. The song’s about what Jesus would say if he’d come back today and saw everything that’s been perpetrated on his name , which is completely the opposite of his teachings. It’s not a religious song, it’s an analogy for morals and beliefs.”

‘Road Chronicles: Live'’ is their first live album, following the release of two acclaimed records, ‘West of Flushing, South of Frisco’ (2016), ‘Californisoul’ (2017) and it follows them on their first European headline tour and was recorded during their show in Brugnera, Italy on 20th July 2018, capturing the band in a triumphant and joyous mood.

1. I Am Done Missing You (Live)
2. I Ain't Fallin' Again (Live)
3. Remedy (Live)
4. Can't Take It No More (Live)
5. Watchagonnado (Live)
6. Elevate (Live)
7. Bad Boys (Live)
8. Let It Be (Live)
9. La Grange

(feat. Billy F Gibbons) (Live)
10. Broken Heart
(feat. Billy F Gibbons) (Live)
11. Dust My Broom

(feat. Billy F Gibbons) (Live)
12. Running Whiskey

(feat. Billy F Gibbons) (Live)
13. Got My Mojo Working

(feat. Billy F Gibbons) (Live)
14. Going Down

(feat. Billy F Gibbons) (Live)

15. L.O.V.E. (Live) (Bonus Track)
16. Hard Times (Live) (Bonus Track)

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