Darren Watson Home Demo's 2018

Darren-WatsonRelease: Darren Watson Home Demo's
Darren Watson just released A Few Rich Bastards (Too Many Millionaires Demo Recordings),

In 2017 I sat down to record all the tunes I wanted to record 'properly' for my new acoustic album. I recorded sixteen tunes I intended to take into The Surgery with Lee Prebble and my incredible acoustic band to make Too Many Millionaires.
The Surgery sessions went really well and the resulting album is one of the best things I've ever done. I'm proud of the work of every single person involved in making it.

I've decided to release the demo versions of all the tracks that made the finished LP. For the complete-ists! ;-) I don't expect this one to chart. hahaha oh yeah and obviously the title is a joke! :p

Anyway now you can hear how everything sounded before we juiced it up with other instruments. You can really hear how important Steve Moodie, Terry Casey, Delia Shanly, and Dayle Jellyman's contributions were to the finished article.

 Hope you enjoy the listen.

  •  The finished Too Many Millionaires is still available
  •  on CD, LP, and download from Bandcamp.