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Harlem Lake Fooled Again (New Single)

Artiest/Band: Harlem Lake

  • Single: Fooled Again
  • Release Date: 17.05.2024

Harlem Lake
Winner of the European Blues Challenge 2022
Announces their new single 'Fooled Again'
to be released this Friday 17.05.2024

The Dutch band presents an upbeat country blues track with a captivating storyline.

Following the heartfelt ballad "The Thought Of You", their previous single, Harlem Lake now reveals a completely new facet of their talent, and upcoming album.

 With "Fooled Again," singer Janne Timmer impressively demonstrates how cool she can remain when the romanticized image of a lover bursts like a bubble. The track tells the story of a rejected woman, who was led on by her lover more than once or twice.

"Fooled Again" has everything you could want: laid-back guitar riffs, a powerful acoustic guitar in the classic Americana style, a guitar solo supported by a singalong and a rhythm clearly influenced by country and Southern soul. With a blend of confidence and sex appeal, Harlem Lake makes us quickly forget about love's misfortunes and encourages us to dance instead of wallowing in self-pity.

Harlem Lake Discography:

Harlem Lake is a  rock 'n soul band from The Netherlands. They've released 2 albums, A Fool's Paradise (2021) and Volition Live (2023). Recently, the band signed with Jazzhaus Records in Germany, and will release their 2nd studio album on the 20th of September '24. 

Last year Harlem Lake released two singles; 'Fooled Again (Demo Version)'; the raw version of this newest release, and 'Carry On'; a modern blues rock song with powerful vocals and hammond organ solo. A few weeks ago, they released the second single of the upcoming album; 'The Thought of You'; an emotional ballad about having to break your partners heart. 

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