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Curtis Salgado - Fine By Me

Artiest/Band: Curtis Salgado

Bbrand new recording from CURTIS SALGADO - the award winning vocalist, harmonica player, producer, and songwriter supreme with his Little Village debut!

Curtis Salgado  - Fine By Me  -   (Little Village label - summer release 2024) produced by Curtis Salgado with special guests:Robert Cray & Anson Funderburgh  and an All-Star Band:

drummers Tony Braunagel, D'Mar, Jimi Bott, Paul Revelli, Andy Worley, Nick Otis

keyboardists Jim Pugh , Jeff Paris, Galen Clark, Loren Gold (The Who, Chicago)
guitarists Kid Andersen, George Marinelli (Bonnie Raitt ), Ben Rice, Hershel Yatovitz,(Chris Isaak) Snuffy Walden,  Alan Hager, Billy Watts, Rome Yamilov
bassists Jerry Jemmott, Terry Wilson, Endre Tarczy, Keith Brush, Freddy Trujillo 
gospel vocalists supreme The Sons of the Soul Revivers, backing vocalists Lisa Leuschner Andersen, Lindsay Reynolds, and Teresa James,
and a full horn section of: 
Joe McCarthy - Trumpet, Lars Campbell - Trombone, Tim Bryson - Tenor & Baritone Sax

Little Village is on a roll, and we are back with you again with an absolutely stunning brand new recording from the living legend of blue eyed soul, CURTIS SALGADO!! This album is quite special in that it covers so many American musical styles and moods which Curtis and this amazing group of talented musicians all excel - Curtis' album, FINE BY MEreflects the Soul of American Music- and as Curtis says and which we agree, "Gospel is the mothership and the rest follows: Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Soul, and Rock AND Roll! I love and respect ALL of it!"


Curtis Salgado - Fine By Me
1 My Girl’s A Nut (2:32)
2 Better Things To Lie About (3:55)
3 Gonna Forget About You (3:44) with Robert Cray on vocals and guitar!
4 Fine By Me (3:49)
5 Niki Hoeky (3:07)
6 Hear The Lonely Hearts (3:48) w/ The Sons of The Soul Revivers
7 Safe At Home (2:41)
8 Big Chagrin (4:34)
9 The Only Way Out (3:02)
10 Cheap Stuff (4:31)
11 You Give The Blues A Bad Name (4:48) w/ Anson Funderburgh on guitar
12  Under New Management (3:41) w/ Anson Funderburgh on guitar
Curtis Salgado - Fine By Me - (Little Village, June 30, 2024)
 Curtis Salgado’s album “Fine By Me” reflects the soul of American music
 Rest assured whatever songs Curtis Salgado brings to the table are going to have his personal soul stamp on them. It’s the singer’s magic bullet, the key element that stirs listeners and sets Salgado apart as one of the most riveting performers on stage today.

Fine By Me (Little Village, release date June 30, 2024) is the latest evidence of Salgado wielding his impressive songwriting and vocal skills to a wide variety of styles. His music has dashes of blues, gospel, R&B, jazz, funk, rock ’n’ roll and soul at any given moment.

“I just call it American music,” says Salgado, who produced the album and has been singing and playing harmonica in bands for five decades. “All I know how to do is write songs, sing them, and entertain people. I’ll use whatever I can to achieve that goal.”

From his days with the Robert Cray Band in the early 1980s through stint as the singer in

Roomful of Blues and a long and distinguished solo career, Salgado has been known for his passionate and convincing vocals and a desire to move people. For him, it’s all about the soul. “I really believe that gospel is the mothership of all American music. It all flows out of

gospel, no matter what kind of music it is. I’ve always loved and respected that.”

Salgado also understands the power of clever turns of phrase and how that burrows into the hearts of his audience. On “Fine By Me,” he imaginatively paints Technicolor images with songs such as “Better Things To Lie About,” “My Girl’s A Nut,” and “You Give The Blues A Bad Name.” There are 10 songs here that Salgado wrote or co-wrote and two cover versions, but the recording shines in unexpected moments.

“Hear The Lonely Hearts” is a deep gospel song featuring Salgado’s vocals backed by the harmonies of The Sons of the Soul Revivers (brothers James, Walter and Dwayne Morgan) and the gentle guitar of Rome Yamilov with Kid Andersen on acoustic bass. Sadly, Walter Morgan passed away only weeks before Salgado’s album release.

“I love The Sons, but the minute they started singing in the studio it took my breath away,” Salgado says. “They’ve been doing this so long and their harmonies are so incredibly powerful I just looked in awe. They just know exactly how their voices work together and it’s stunning to hear that in action. It brings a whole different dimension to songs.”

A cover version of soul man O.V. Wright’s “I’m Gonna Forget About You,” harkens back to 1980 when Robert Cray recorded the song for his first album, with Salgado on supporting vocals. This time, Salgado takes the lead vocals with Cray harmonizing and singing the higher notes as well as adding sizzling guitar to the track.

And, Salgado admits that he is sometimes surprised how songs surface. One of those is the album’s title cut, which was hatched in a dream he had after reading a biography about Jackie Onassis.

“I was dreaming about having lunch with her in a New York City cafe', he says. “ I wasn’t sure what we were talking about, but then I woke up. But I tried to go back to sleep and couldn’t. But I still wanted to get back into the dream.”

Instead, he grabbed a pen and pad and started writing down lyrics for the song, which would become a cultural travelogue of imaginary visits with Onassis, Muhammed Ali, Iggy Pop and Malcolm X. He shared his lyrics with long-time Bonnie Raitt guitarist George Marinelli, who turned them into a rollicking rock song that spouts the credo to live and enjoy life as it drags you along.

With a lifetime of musical experiences, Salgado maintains a fresh approach to his music. “This is just a skill I’ve been learning,” he says. “I just go with it.”

1. My Girl’s A Nut
Charles Seluzicki, Curtis Salgado (ASCAP), David Duncan (BMI)
Jimi Bott - Drums 
Keith Brush - Acoustic Bass 
Alan Hager - Guitar 
Curtis Salgado - Vocals & Harmonica 
2. Better Things To Lie About 
Curtis Salgado (ASCAP), Gary Nicholson (ASCAP)
Derek “D’Mar” Martin - Drums 
Endre Tarczy - Bass 
Kid Andersen - Guitar & Keyboards 
Joe McCarthy - Trumpet
Lars Campbell - Trombone 
Tim Bryson - Tenor & Baritone Sax
Curtis Salgado - Vocals & Harmonica
3. I’m Gonna Forget About You:
O. V. Wright (BMI)
Jim Pugh - B3 & Piano
Derek  “D’Mar” Martin - Drums 
Jerry Jemmott - Bass
Kid Andersen - Guitar 
Robert Cray - Guitar & Vocals 
Curtis Salgado - Vocals 
4. Fine By Me 
Curtis Salgado (ASCAP), George Marinelli (BMI)
Derek “D’Mar” Martin - Drums 
Endre Tarczy - Bass 
George Marinelli - Guitar 
Kid Andersen - Guitar & Keyboards 
Lisa Leuschner - BG Vocals 
Curtis Salgado - Vocals 
5. Niki Hoeky
James Ford (BMI), Lolly Vegas (BMI), Pat Vegas (BMI)
Paul Revelli - Drums  
Endre Tarczy - Bass 
Kid Andersen - Guitar & Keyboards 
Lisa Leuschner - BG Vocal 
Joe McCarthy - Trumpet  
Tim Bryson - Tenor & Baritone Sax 
Curtis Salgado - Vocals 
6. Hear the Lonely Hearts
Curtis Salgado (ASCAP)
Rome Yamilov - Guitar 
Kid Andersen - Acoustic  Bass
The Sons of The Soul Revivers
James Morgan - Vocals
Walter Morgan - Vocals
Dwayne Morgan - Vocals
Curtis Salgado - Vocals   
7. Safe At Home 
Curtis Salgado (ASCAP), Fred Trujillo (ASCAP), 
Hershel Yatovitz (BMI), Alby Allen
Paul Revelli - Drums 
Hershel Yatovitz - Slide Guitar & Bass 
Kid Andersen - Guitar & Keyboards 
Lisa Leuschner - BG Vocals 
Curtis Salgado - Vocals 
8. The Big Chagrin 
Terry Wilson (BMI), Curtis Salgado (ASCAP)
Snuffy Walden - Guitar 
Billy Watts - Guitar 
Terry Wilson - Bass 
Jeff Paris - Piano 
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Joe McCarthy - Trumpet
Lars Campbell - Trombone 
Tim Bryson - Tenor & Baritone Sax 
Teresa James - BG Vocals 
Terry Wilson - BG Vocals 
Curtis Salgado - Vocals & Harmonica 
9. The Only Way Out 
Curtis Salgado (ASCAP), Joshua Huff (ASCAP),  Ben Rice (ASCAP)
Andy Worley - Drums 
Ben Rice - Guitars 
Fred Trujillo - Bass
Galen Clark - Piano &  B3 
Lindsay Reynolds - BG Vocals 
Curtis Salgado - Vocals  
10. Cheap Stuff 
Curtis Salgado (ASCAP), Hershel Yatovitz (BMI), Alby Alan
Nick Otis  - Drums
Hershel Yatovitz  - Lead Guitar & Bass 
Jim Pugh - B3 & Keyboards 
Kid Andersen - Rhythm Guitar & Bass 
Lisa Leuschner - BG Vocals  
Curtis Salgado - Vocals & Harmonica 
11. You Give the Blues A Bad Name
Curtis Salgado (ASCAP), Terry Wilson (BMI)
Billy Watts - Guitar 
Anson Funderburgh - Guitar
Terry Wilson - Bass 
Loren Gold - Piano 
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Joe McCarthy  - Trumpet
Lars Campbell - Trombone 
Tim Bryson - Tenor  & Baritone Sax
Curtis Salgado - Vocals 
12. Under New Management 
Dave Duncan (BMI), Curtis Salgado (ASCAP)
Billy Watts - Guitar
Anson Funderburgh - Guitar
Terry Wilson - Bass 
Loren Gold - Piano 
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Joe McCarthy  - Trumpet
Lars Campbell - Trombone 
Tim Bryson - Tenor & Baritone Sax
Curtis Salgado - Vocals & Harmonica  
Produced by Curtis Salgado 
Horn arrangements by Joe 
McCarthy and Curtis Salgado 
Studios & Engineers
Falcon Recording Studios - Portland, OR
(Dennis Carter, Engineer) Tracks 8, 11, 12
Greaseland USA, San Jose, CA 
(Kid Andersen, Engineer) Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10
Jesi-Lu Studios, Canyon Country CA 
(Terry Wilson, Engineer) Tracks 8, 11, 12
Purple Palace, Portland, OR
(Hershel Yatovitz, Engineer) Tracks 7, 10
Roseleaf, Studios , Portland, OR 
(Jimi Bott - Engineer) Track 1
Sound Design, Santa Barbara, CA 
(Dom Camardella, Engineer) Track 3
Taylor Made Studios, Los Angeles CA 
(George Landress, Engineer) Tracks 8, 11, 12
Topaz Studios, Portland OR 
(Andy Worley, Engineer) Track 9
Mixed by Sandy Solomon, KSM Studios - Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Gene Grimaldi, Oasis Mastering - Burbank, CA
Photography: Suzanne Dominique
Graphic Design: Maurice Tani

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