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New Album: Twisted Rose - Cherry Tales

Twisted Rose - Cherry Tales

Release: 15 September 2023

Unleash the Power of Rock with "Cherry Tales" - Releasing September 15th!
Prepare to be blown away by a sonic revolution like no other! On September 15th, we're unleashing "Cherry Tales," our explosive new rock album that will rock your world and ignite your soul.

"Cherry Tales" is a fierce fusion of raw energy, electrifying guitar riffs, and heart-pounding rhythms that will leave you craving more. With each track, we're cranking up the volume to bring you an unforgettable rock 'n' roll experience.
What Awaits You:
Thunderous anthems that demand to be played at full volume.
Lyrics that cut straight to the core of the human experience.
Face-melting guitar solos that will leave you breathless.
Powerful drumming that's the heartbeat of our rock revolution.
"Cherry Tales" isn't just an album; it's a head-banging, foot-stomping journey that will awaken your inner rocker. We've poured our hearts and souls into every note, and we can't wait to share it with you. Mark September 15th on your calendar and get ready to crank it up to 11. Stay tuned for exclusive sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes rock 'n' roll madness, and more as we count down to the epic release!
Don't miss your chance to rock out with "Cherry Tales." Follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter, and be part of the rock revolution.

01 - Twisted Rose - Greed4Speed 3:09
02 - Twisted Rose - Wanted 3:12
03 - Twisted Rose - Bring Back Those Days 4:36
04 - Twisted Rose - Say Hello 2:30
05 - Twisted Rose - Crossing The Line 3:31
06 - Twisted Rose - Back To The Old Days 3:01
07 - Twisted Rose - Friday Night Blues 2:42
08 - Twisted Rose - PartyTime 2:44
09 - Twisted Rose - Rock You Away 3:16
10 - Twisted Rose - Skull 3:25
11 - Twisted Rose - We can´t get enough 3:18
12 - Twisted Rose - World Is Burning 4:54 

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