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Release Debut Album: STRÖM - STRÖM

Title: STRÖM
Releasedate: 2022-09-23
Format: CD & LP

 STRÖM release their selftitled debut album “Ström” today!
One of this autumn’s most anticipated Swedish rock ‘n’ roll records has arrived! From the infectious opener “Tiden sjunger” to the closing heaviness of “Blodsband” this album really packs a punch, perhaps most notable in stand-out tracks such as the groovy “Vass tunga”, up-tempo rocker “Ta mig tillbaks” or the anthemic “Hatet”. Lyric-wise it isn’t all fun and games however, the band touches a few subjects that are not very common in rock’n’roll lyrics. In “Gul & Blå” singer Zdravko Zizmond sings about the thankfulness he felt when arriving in Sweden as a kid, being born in Croatia. The massive epic of “Ensam är stark” has a lyric about the challenges and hardships of being left alone after a painful break-up, sung through the eyes of a single parent.

Zdravko Zizmond - vocals
Calle Sjöqvist - guitars
Johan Siljedahl - guitars
Joel Carnstam - bass
Tomas Salonen - drums

The band comments:

Finally it’s here! We are so pleased to give you STRÖM’s debut album that we have worked so hard to complete from the first chords to the last draw on the cover art. It’s been a fun ride and now we hope you wanna join us on this journey. Like our name STRÖM that means ”power” in English we hope your heart will be strong and full of power!


1 Tiden Sjunger
2 Katapult
3 Ta mig tillbaks
4 Vass tunga
5 Ensam ar stark
6 Ungt blod (genom ett gammalt hjarta)
7 Gul & Bla
8 Hatet
9 Sadan son sadan far
10 Blodsband


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