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Marcus Flynn - Ain't Nothing But The Blues Again Single

‘Guitar Legend’ Marcus Flynn to the stable, and to announce the release of his new single ‘Ain’t Nothing But The Blues Again’ from the forthcoming album of the same name.

Marcus Flynn is a renowned multi-instrumentalist and singer. He is a superb guitarist and vocalist, as his tenure in the highly successful ‘The Guitar Legends’ touring band testifies to. He is also a highly regarded session player, with BEYONCE as one notary! Marcus also has many TV music credits to his name, including Jackass, and BBC’s Match of The Day.

Ain’t Nothing But The Blues Again is a collaboration between Marcus, and lyricist Pete Feenstra. Marcus is also a mean songwriter, and proficient on Drums, and Bass. ‘Ain’t Nothing But The Blues Again’ is the first release for Marcus’ own excellent material, fashioned in the blues scene that he is so well revered in. Thoroughbred Music is proud to have Marcus on the label and release his own firebrand of music.

For more details contact:

Adrian Collis for Thoroughbred Music:


look out for the superb album of the same name coming soon!


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