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Release: The Cold Stares - Heavy Shoes

Taken from their upcoming new studio album

Album: Heavy Shoes
Released: 13th August 2021
Via: Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group

About the new song 'Heavy Shoes' Christopher Tapp (vocals, guitar) shares, "Heavy Shoes is a metaphor for something that is weighing you down. Could be a relationship, an addiction, or just something you can’t let go of. That feeling of every step being heavier than the last and not being able to carry the baggage any further. Heavy Shoes was the first song I had written for the album, and kind of a template we wanted to use for the rest of the record.  Heavy, bluesy, straight ahead and honest. 

What you hear on the track is the first take we did at Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis. If I remember right,  it might have been the first song we recorded as well.  I think I went back and re-cut some vocals and maybe part of the solo in late 2020 at my home studio, but the song is about as live and real as a studio session can be. 

We shot the video in an old church from the 1800's. The church was abandoned, and in the 1980's it was set for destruction when a woman bought it. The lady had the church moved about a mile down the road to her property and slowly started to preserve it. It's cool that today it's structurally sound, but they haven't changed anything from on the interior from the day the church closed its doors. Like a lot of places I love, you can feel the memories and peoples experiences in the walls. "

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