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Michael Jay Cresswell - Music In The Streets single/album release

Thoroughbredmusic is delighted to announce the signing of the acclaimed Nashville recording artist: Michael Jay Cresswell, and the release of the single ‘Music in The Streets’ impacting now, from the forthcoming album of the same name out in July.

Nashville singer-songwriter Michael Jay Cresswell has unveiled his anthemic new single Music In The Streets. The new single from the versatile artist celebrates the joyous power of music with Stax-soul piano and sax alongside honky-tonk guitars and a singalong refrain.


“Music in The Streets was written by myself, world-famous sax player John Heinrich, producer James Howell and Kevin Richardson,” explains Cresswell. “The songs’ inspiration came from meeting Country DJ Baylen Leonard and then seeing a picture he posted on his blog titled ‘Music in the streets, music in the windows’. That line stuck with me and gave me the bones of the song. We recorded it in the UK, then got Duane Scott (Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, Wings) to executive produce it for that classic Nashville sound.”

Music has taken Michael Jay Cresswell all over the world. A celebrated songwriter with over 100 professional songs to his name, he’s lived, recorded, and performed in London, Nashville, Los Angeles, Le Mans, and Cambodia. He’s worked with the cream of session and touring musicians in Music City and toured with the Nashville All Stars, all while refining his songwriting skills and adding to his own catalogue.

Michael also has a reputation as one of Europe's top Dj's, spending many years working in Kavos and Ibiza. as a 3 deck mixer and professional music producer. Michael is one of the UK's successful country artists, working over in Nahville's music city since 2010, after signing with Nashville's Wild Oats Records.

With over 10 years recording experience with over 100 professional recordings to his name, performing in Europe, USA and Cambodia, Michael has a vast catalogue, with a number of his songs recorded by Walk the line film crew, Glenn Campbell family, and songs submitted to Michael Bublé, Fleetwood Mac and Def Leopard to name a few. Michael was also commissioned by the French city of Le Mans, to write the cities official anthem, titled " Allez Le Mans " which is on the album.
In 2010 Michael was introduced to 40+ platinum producer and 7 times CMA festival musical director Duane Scott (Leon Russell, ELO, Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, Rick Springfield). Duane believed in the music and direction Michael was heading, he jumped onboard and over the past 8 years has produced over 50 of Michael's records. Michael was in 2012 introduced through Duane to Greg Lewerke, Greg's father Jack Lewerke was founder of Vault records and Greg followed in his father's footsteps, managing Bruce Springsteen, Boston, Aerosmith, and tour manager to the UK's Stone Roses, still managing magician David Copperfield to this day. Greg heard Michael's 12 track album and came onboard along with great friend Duane as Michael's manager, he stayed managing Michael and opening many music doors for 18 months until circumstances took him out of the picture.

For more details contact: Adrian Collis for Thoroughbred Music:

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