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Livestream: Asphyx Metropool.

  Asphyx De legendarische Dutch Death Doom helden uit ons bloedeigen Twente keren terug naar Metropool, om de release van het nieuwe album ...

Christmas: Hamilton Loomis- THIS SEASOH

  • HamiltonLoomis- THIS SEASOH
  • Hamilton Loomis - voc, gtr, bass, keys, harmonica
    Mike Meade - bass Brannon McLeod - drums


Hamilton Loomis’s Christmas album This Season brings us hope – at a time when it’s needed most. Amidst the worldwide 2020 pandemic,the title track (originally inspired by his young son’s rare pancreatic disease)conveys an uplifting message of hope and healing. Released last Thanksgiving,Loomis made his dream of making a Christmas CD a reality. “It's something I've always wanted to do, and when I started writing these new songs I realized this was the time to do it." With covers of five Yuletide classics and five originals destined to become seasonal classics, the album offers something for  everyone. Loomis not only shows off his songwriting and musical chops here, but his production skills are also on deft display as originals and classics seamlessly blend together to create an almost-perfect holiday vibe.

1. THIS SEASON (Loomis) (6:18)
2. LAY AROUND & LOVE (David/Gillon) (3:07)
3. EVERYTHING I WANTED (Loomis) (4:08)
5. UNDERNEATH THE TREE (Loomis) (4:24)
7. CHRISTMAS TEARS (Thompson/Wilson) (4:22)
8. RUN RUDOLPH RUN (Marks/Brodie) (4:00)
9. LOVE AGAIN CHRISTMAS (Loomis) (4:53)
10. O HOLY NIGHT (Trad.) (3:01) mm

 Originals like celebratory title track and the upbeat "Everything I Wanted" are perfect examples of the vintage funky soul blues Loomis has been playing worldwide for over two decades. The tongue-in cheek holiday hilarity of "Another South Texas Christmas" and the timeless swing of "Underneath The Tree" and "Christmas Tears," set a perfect pace interspersed with an array of covers. A sizzling unique take on "Run Rudolph Run" that arguably out-rocks every version of it that's come before, and a Brian May-esque guitar extravaganza on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” prove that Loomis’s guitar chops can still satisfy the six-string aficionado. From his soulful holiday spin on "Lay Around And Love On You" that echoes of vintage Stevie Wonder, bluesy workout of "Christmas Tears" and and a solemn, solo acoustic version of "O Holy Night" to close it out, This Season is a musical Whitman's Sampler not to be missed this - or any- holiday season.

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