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The Progressive Souls Collective - SONIC BIRTH

The Progressive Souls Collective - SONIC BIRTH
Genre:  Progressive Metal
Format: CD Digi 
Release Date: 11.09.2020 
Label: Metalville
Marketing / Distribution: P.I.A.S. 
Promotion:The Rock Online 

The debut album "Sonic Birth" by The Progressive Souls
Collective (TPSC) is special in many ways.
Florian Zepf (guitar) and the driving force at TPSC was able to convince his international prog music colleagues Aquiles Priester (ex-Angra & Tony MacAlpine, drums), Conner Green (otherwise working full-time with Haken onbass), Kevin Moore (ex-Dream Theater, O.S.I., Chroma
Key) in the area of loops and programming as well as Luis Conte (among others, he was the percussionist for Phil Collins) to work together on the album.

Florian Zepf (guitar)
Vladimir Lalic (voc)
Conner Green (bass)
Aquiles Priester (drums)
Luis Conte (percussion)
KevinMoore (loops / programming)
Special guest:
Derek Sherinian (keyboards)

As a very special guest, keyboard maestro Derek Sherinian (Sons of Apollo, Ex-Dream Theater, and many more) had the honour to personally record all keyboardparts on the entire album. This gave the recordings a
very special touch not least in terms of virtuosity, sound design and of course character. Florian met with Derek in his studio in Burbank, where they worked together on the album.

Vladimir Lalic, himself musically on the road with the Serbian prog metal band Organized Chaos and meanwhile more than an insider tip, took over the lead vocals. Vladimir convinces because of his enormous vocal range, the vocal melodies and his style. His extraordinary vocal parts are a figurehead for the whole album.


1. Metature
2. Comfortable Darkness
3. Killing True Beliefs
4. Fractional Emotion
5. A Formula For Happiness
6. Inner Circle
7. You And Me Alone
8. Hurt
9. Destiny Inc.
10. Mind Treasures
11. With Others

As a result of these collaborations, with “Sonic Birth” a very special album has come to life, in particular because of this very unique combination of musicians and the character added by their distinctive styles and fluences

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