Release: Kat Riggins "In The Boys Club" Available June 23rd

Release: Kat Riggins  "In The Boys Club" Available June 23rd
Kat is back!

“Uh oh, fellas. There’s a girl in the boys’ club” … A fitting line for not only the title track of Kat Riggins' new album, but for the project as a whole. Much like Kat’s “Blues Revival” album, “In the Boys Club” is a collage of all things blues. From traditional blues tracks like “Cheat or Lose” or “Kitty Won’t Scratch” to the hard-driving blues-rock of “Fistful O’ Water” and "Johnnie Walker," Kat Riggins encompasses everything she loves about this ever-flowering genre. This release is meant to be a bold representation of the female presence in this “man’s world.” All twelve songs were penned by Kat and arranged together by Kat and her band to highlight a woman’s strength, humility, resilience, ambition, passion and compassion. This is not just for the blues lover; it's is for all those who love music.

Musicians: Kat Riggins: Lead Vocals, background vocals Darrell Raines: Lead  Guitar (except Kitty Won’t Scratch, Try Try Again & Troubles Away) Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards George Caldwell: Bass Guitar Johnnie Hicks: Drums Clay Goldstein: Harmonica Josh Rowand: Lead Guitar on Troubles Away and Try Try Again Albert Castiglia: Lead Guitar and male Lead Vocals on Kitty Won’t Scratch

FRANK ROSZAK, KBA Awardee 2014

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