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Daniele Perrino - The Soot Songs

Artiest/Band:Daniele Perrino

  • Album: The Soot Songs
  • Release 07.06.2024
  • Label: Blue Mama Records

Daniele Perrino new album, ‘The Soot Songs’, due out on June 7th, is available on all digital platforms.  

The new chapter with different blues, nu soul and noir jazz flavors, is published by Blue Mama Records, distributed by The Orchard / Sony and supported by A-Z Press promotion office. 

The Soot Songs’ is a blues-infused musical work, solely crafted, composed, and performed by Daniele Perrino, imbued with noir atmospheres.

 Summoning the melancholic tones of Leonard Cohen and the narrative ambiguity of Tom Waits, it draws the listener into a dark and captivating world. 

Its haunting melodies and evocative lyrics paint images of deserted streets, smoky bars, and Bukowskian tales of damnation. With a unique blend of nostalgia and disillusionment, ‘The Soot Songs’ captures the essence of the human experience in all its complexity and rawness.

Daniele Perrino himself describes his work as follow: «The name “The Soot Songs” is about the burning in our souls. The resulting blaze creates a metaphorical soot which partly settles and partly hovers. Which do we need more? What has settled or our freedom? Maybe they both depend on each other.



Born in Vicenza, Italy in 1983, Daniele Perrino's musical journey spans various collaborations and projects. 

In 2011, he contributed as a lyricist and composer to Mario Biondi's album ‘Due’ featuring in the duet ‘Lullaby’ and joining Biondi's 2012 tour across esteemed Italian theaters. 

Transitioning to alternative rock, Perrino joined the band ‘Virgo’ in 2013-14, releasing two albums and earning recognition like the ‘Marte Live 2014’ award at M.E.I. in Faenza

In 2015, he formed the duo ‘Ground Poppy Honey Milk’

Their debut album ‘Nowhere Now Here’ (2016) led them to New York's Clubhouse Studio for production by Yaron Fuchs, with contributions from notable musicians like drummer Nir Z, sound engineer Neil Dorfsman and mastering by Emily Lazar

In 2018, Perrino co-founded ‘Biopsy O Boutique’ releasing two EPs. 

In 2020, he embarked on his solo venture ‘The Soot Songs’ where he solely crafted, composed, and performed. 

 Perrino's versatile career showcases his prowess across genres, from soulful ballads to gritty blues.

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