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Punk Floyd – A Tribute To Pink Floyd

 Punk Floyd – A Tribute To Pink Floyd

Release Date:May 3, 2024

Veteran Punk Bands Finally Quash Long Standing Beef With PROG ROCK, Release Tribute Album To PINK FLOYD!

Features tracks by Fear, The Vibrators, UK Subs, Dead Boys, Skids, Anti-Nowhere League, The Members and more!

Los Angeles, CA – Punk rock was in some ways inevitable, a direct response to the musical trends of the early-mid ‘70s that saw rock music become bloated with overly composed, exceedingly long and pompously performed progressive rock of bands like Genesis, Emerson Lake & Palmer and, yes, Pink Floyd. Then came the punk rock rebellion of 1977 that would define itself in part in opposition to prog rock, and thus a genre rivalry was born. But now many of those ’77 punk legends seek to bury the hatchet by paying homage to the legendary Pink Floyd with the release of Punk Floyd - A Tribute to Pink Floyd.

This electrifying album infuses the complex and sophisticated compositions of Pink Floyd with the raw energy and rebellious spirit of punk, setting these punk rock veterans loose on every era of Pink Floyd including the band’s early psychedelic experiments with bandleader Syd Barrett. West coast punk pioneers Fear, for instance, selected the Barrett written “Astronomy Domine” from the 1968 album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and set about reinventing the track as a fist pumping, guitar-powered anthem. Fear founder and lead vocalist Lee Ving argues that Pink Floyd should be distinguished from the bloviating bands associated with prog rock, saying “Pink Floyd were always sort of the exception to the rule. They always had an interesting sound unlike many of their contemporaries.” Fear’s version of “Astronomy Domine” has been released today on all digital music platforms!

Various Artist: Eater, Jah Wobble & Jon Klein, UK Subs, Fear, Skids, Dead Boys, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, The Queers, D.I., Anti-Nowhere League, MDC, The Members, Angry Samoans, The Vibrators, JFA, Chrome, Knox

Stream/download the single: https://orcd.co/fear_astronomydomine

Punk Floyd featuring even more incredible performances by iconic punk rock veterans such as The Vibrators, UK Subs, Dead Boys, Skids, Anti-Nowhere League, The Members, and more! The album will be released on all formats starting May 3. Order your copy today!

Order the CD: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/punk-floyd-a-tribute-to-pink-floyd-cd/
Order the Vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/punk-floyd-a-tribute-to-pink-floyd-red-marble-vinyl/

Pre-save/pre-order: https://orcd.co/punkfloyd

Track List:
1. Eclipse - Eater
2. Time - Jah Wobble & Jon Klein
3. Comfortably Numb - UK Subs
4. Astronomy Domine - Fear
5. Breathe - Skids
6. Pigs On The Wing - Dead Boys
7. Bike - Peter & The Test Tube Babies
8. See Emily Play - The Queers
9. Brain Damage - D.I.
10. Hey You - Anti-Nowhere League
11. Lucifer Sam - MDC
12. The Nile Song - The Members
13. Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2 - Angry Samoans
14. Arnold Layne - The Vibrators
15. Money - JFA
16. Interstellar Overdrive - Chrome
17. Gigolo Aunt - Knox

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