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Seth Lee Jones - Tulsa Custom

 Horton Records Announces May 17 Release Date for New Album, Tulsa Custom, from Guitarist and Guitar Maker Seth Lee Jones, with Digital Singles Coming in March and April

Horton Records announces a May 17 release date for Tulsa Custom, the new album from guitarist Seth Lee Jones, with the first digital singles from the new disc coming on March 27 (“110”) and April 24 (“Walter”).  

Horton Records is a volunteer-based, non-profit 501c 3 that develops and supports musicians in the Tulsa area while also fostering the area’s rich musical heritage.

“Jones is probably the most ear-catching, head-turning blues/roots guitarist since Derek Trucks.” - Guitar World. “Seth Lee Jones is one of the most intriguing American guitarists working right now and he’s going to take a whole bunch of people to school if he’s given half a chance.” - Rock & Blues Muse


  • Mar 16 - Mercury Lounge - Tulsa, OK
  • Mar 23 - The Blue Note - Oklahoma City, OK
  • Mar 29 - The Hunt Club - Tulsa, OK
  • Apr 5 - The Colony - Tulsa, OK
  • May 17 - Bixby Blues & BBQ Festival - Bixby, OK
  • May 31 - The Auditorium - Eureka Springs, AR - w/ Sonny Landreth
  • Jun 13 - Music in the Park - Parsons, KS

Seth Lee Jones not only relishes his Oklahoma roots, but he actively nurtures them to ensure they remain real and relevant. His sophomore studio release, Tulsa Custom, reflects his strong work ethic, continually developing his unique playing style that complements his original material and fresh interpretations of covers. Distinguished in any number of ways, with songs spawned from a decidedly personal perspective, they include the visceral delivery of opening cut, “110;” the unrelenting drive and determination soaring through in “All That I Ask;” the funk-fueled sound that powers “Bird of Paradise;” the steadfast strut given songs such as “Mr. Evil” and “Outta My Mind;” and the brash boogie style of “Good Dog.”

“After maintaining this trajectory for nearly eight years, I feel like I’ve developed a writing style that works well for my own songs, while also allowing me to bring new treatments and interpretations as far as my covers are concerned,” Seth says. “The process seems to come naturally these days. Plus, for the first time, we’re putting an emphasis on original material.”

Recorded almost entirely live at Teegarden Studios in Tulsa, the passion and energy that is captured is palpable. No surprise, given his dynamite rhythm section of Bo Hallford, a staple of the Tulsa music scene, on bass; and Matt Teegarden, son of the studio owner, on drums, providing the perfect platform to launch his raw, unbridled roots and blues rock hot rod.  In the words of Goldmine—”It’s pure electricity.”

The studio’s namesake, David Teegarden, Sr. — known for his work with Teegarden & Van Winkle, Bob Seger, JJ Cale, and Joe Walsh, among others — guests on percussion, while Oklahoma City’s Chebon Tiger plays harmonica on one of the standout songs, "Good Dog.”

“With Tulsa Custom, I didn't feel as rushed as I usually do as far as the production was concerned,” Seth explains. “With the last album, I really felt pushed to get it done in a day and a half. Yet it took all of eight hours if I remember correctly. This time, we took more time to set up and get the tones we wanted. We also had access to more and better equipment than we had in the past. We spent three days and maybe 12-14 hours total doing the tracking. We also had some valuable pieces of vintage equipment like mics and guitars that were loaned to us for our use. “

“I sat down with the intention of conveying my memories of growing up in these parts during the ’80s and ’90s.” Seth explains. “In that regard, these tales ring true. For example, ‘Good Dog’ was inspired by the story of a family dog and the heroism it showed while saving the life of a feline friend during the epic Tulsa flood of 1984. It’s also played in 5/4 time, an untypical time signature for blues & Americana.

“Then there’s ‘Walter,” a rocksteady track written as a loose tribute to the late Tulsa guitar hero Walter Stephan Pryor, a colorful and somewhat mischievous character affectionately known to the locals as simply ‘Uncle Walter.’”

Seth said that the decision to focus on new songs was a deliberate one. “The problem with blues standards is that they get covered and re-interpreted over and over, to the point where there’s nothing fresh that can be offered,” he suggests. “Odds are, The Rolling Stones beat you to it by half a century. That said, we just kind of just pick our favorites. I run a democratic ship in my band. We just pick the ones we like that work the best for the three of us.” 

It appears the public approves as well. When Seth recently opened for Robert Cray, he received a standing ovation. All of which indicates Tulsa Custom will bring him the widespread attention he so decidedly deserves. “I believe in this album more than I ever have before for a number of reasons,” Seth reflects. “But mainly it’s because of my confidence in us as a team — me, bass player Bo Hallford and our drummer Matt Teegarden. It's a live-to tape-record and an honest representation of the sound we’ve developed as a band over the past eight years. We couldn’t be more proud to present it.”


About Seth Lee Jones

Seth Lee Jones started his career as an apprentice for a furniture manufacturer and then discovered that his woodworking skills could translate into being able to build guitars. He explored those interests by enrolling in the Musicians Institute, and pursued his studies at the institute’s Guitar Craft Academy where he was taught manufacture and repair of stringed fretted instruments. After graduating at the top of his class, he went to work for the man who had designed the academy’s curriculum. Through his connections, Seth became an accredited subcontractor who now builds custom guitars for a variety of manufacturers, while also remaining an in-demand session player.

Interestingly enough, Seth was inspired to build guitars and become a luthier at the same time he learned to play. A third generation musician — his father, uncles and grandfather were guitar enthusiasts — he was initially drawn to the music of Ray Charles, but soon discovered guitar held more appeal for him than piano. He also took lessons in order to learn assorted styles.

“I like to get different perspectives,” he reflects. “I find that it’s good to ask different people different questions in order to get their different perspective, all in the hopes of getting to the same conclusion.“I guess it's not normal to be an instrument maker and musician: However, it’s always been normal to me.”

In fact, others have taken notice. One writer declared, “He makes 'em, he plays 'em, and with his Tulsa-based trio, the luthier and slide-guitar whiz is looking to extend the catalog of blues standards.”

So too, his slide guitar style, which recalls the great Sonny Landreth, and soulful vocals have brought him to the attention of such respected publications as Living BluesVintage Guitar Magazine, and No Depression, which said of his last album, Flathead, “If you need to get whomped upside the head with some slam-bang guitar, Seth Lee Jones is your go-to string-puller. The blues-rockin’ Oklahoman demonstrates his prowess on a powerhouse sampling of iconic blues covers…”

Tulsa Custom Track Listing and Credits - All Songs Written by Seth Lee Jones Except as Noted *

  1. 110
  2. All That I Ask
  3. Bird of Paradise *  (Little Jimmy Dickens)
  4. Good Dog
  5. Mr. Evil * (King’s X)
  6. One Chance * (Little Walter)
  7. Outta My Mind * (Don Rich)
  8. Penny Park
  9. Walter
  10. Don’t Waste a thing 

  • Seth Lee Jones – guitar / vocals
  • Bo Hallford – bass
  • Matt Teegarden – drums, tambourine, shaker
  • Chebon Tiger – harmonica on track 4
  • David Teegarden, Sr. – tambourine on track 7, shaker on tracks 8, 9

  1. Recorded at Teegarden Studios in Tulsa, OK
  2. Engineered & Mixed by Brett Baldwin
  3. Mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering

 Website : http://www.hortonrecords.org/ 

For more information: Mark Pucci Media | www.markpuccimedia.com

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