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Tusky - ‘Crow Without Caws’! & on Tour

Dutch punk rock outfit Tusky released their brand new single ‘Crow Without Caws’!

The new Tusky single ‘Crow without Caws’ is all about that simple, yet crucial, moment when you realize you’re a mess and it’s time to step up your game. It literally dawned on frontman Vladimir while watering the plants in his living room; time to wake up, smell the roses and snap out of it. It’s perfectly mixed by Grammy Award-winner Adrian Bushby known for his work with Foo FightersMuse and many more

Tusky and Boskat announced an NL tour!

Shit Hits The Van Tour

Tusky is hitting the Dutch roads in March, April and May 2024 and they're bringing their Belgian friends of BOSKAT along with them to make the punk rock party complete! Tickets are on sale now.

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