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Introducing: The Ă–zdemirs

 Introducing: The Ă–zdemirs 

  • Continental Europe CECD 96
  • Blues/Roots Rock
  • THE Ă–ZDEMIRS – that would be bass player Erkan Ă–zdemir, a definite strongholder in the European blues scene and his sons Kenan (guitar) and Levent (drums).  
  • Father Erkan has been roaming the European blues stomping fields for well over 20 years with many bands, like Memo Gonzalez’ Bluescasters. No wonder the two young Ă–zdemirs were infected with the blues virus from their earliest childhood.

And from listening to all original blues styles from the 50’s and 60’s they also discovered all types of American roots music from artists such as Al Green, James Brown, The Meters, Bootsy Collins. So soul, funk and of course all sorts of blues all ended up in their musical vocabulary. It was quite inevitable for Erkan to found a new unit: The  Ă–zdemirs.

After touring European blues stages under their own name, they very quickly became one of the most sought after backing bands and as such they have toured with Johnny Rawls, Kirk Fletcher, Shawn Pittman , Memo Gonzalez, Sugaray Rayford, Mike Morgan, Holland K Smith, Trudy Lynn, Angela Brown on all sorts of stages in Norway, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Switzerland.About time they make their own album, oh, hey wait a minute……. go figure,

Tracklist: 01. Teach Me [Lowell Fulsom / Frank Robinson] – 02. Tired of My Tears [Jimmy Lewis / Jimmy Holiday] – 03. That’s How It Is [w/Filipe Henrique] – 04. Simply Beautiful [Al Green] – 05. Tell Me What’s on Your Mind [Leo Nocentilli] – 06. Burnt Toast & Black Coffee [Shorty Long / Susan Heather] – 07. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down [Earl Randle] – 08. Midnight Blues [Charlie Rich] – 09. Heap Sea, feat. Trudy Lynn [Jimmy Johnson] – 10. Tell Me What’s on Your Mind (instrumental) [Leo Nocentilli] 

Website: http://lowtonemusic.com/artists/the-oezdemirs/

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European distribution: Continental Record Services 

Duke Robillard  introduces the Ozdemirs

The Ă–zdemirs are a talented group of blues and roots musicians who also happen to be family. Bassist Erkan Ă–zdemir, as well as being the father of the other two group members, has been booking and touring with American and European blues, soul and roots musicians for decades. Erkan’s love of American music has been so infectious that his sons also caught the blues bug at an early age. Kenan Ă–zdemir- guitar and vocals and Levent Ă–zdemir- drums and vocals, have become accomplished musicians in their own right. The Ă–zdemirs have toured extensively and have backed various artists such as Memo Gonzalez, Kirk Fletcher, Sugaray Rayford, Trudy Lynn, Mike Morgan, Tad Robinson and even soul singer Johnny Rawls. They have toured from Norway to Italy, from Spain to Poland and everywhere in between, honing their chops, their ears and musical feel. This band has learned to be a cohesive unit by playing their own shows, touring often, and playing with various accomplished artists.
This new recording, “Introducing The Ă–zdemirs” is an impressive recording debut with a lot of variety, groovy rhythms and original songs that reflect their love for blues, soul, funk and even R & B ballads. Furthermore, an added touch of rock and roll, gives The Ă–zdemirs a contemporary flair as well. Armed with strong grooves and their own songs, The Ă–zdemirs offer a new twist on a traditional theme. The use of a horn section led by Sax Gordon, the addition of female background vocalist Illaria Audino, a guest appearance by Trudy Lynn and the use of Hammond organ and piano give the record that extra kick. It’s truly a special debut album that is sure to attract attention everywhere.
The core of the band, Kenan, Levent and Erkan Ă–zdemir, can certainly rock the house as a trio and give the audience a powerful show. Add in a few additional elements to their sound for their debut recording, and you have a fabulous introduction to The Ă–zdemirs! 


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