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Gatuplan - Umeå Hardcore

Gatuplan - Umeå Hardcore

  • Label:
    Wild Kingdom
  • Release Date:
    17 March 2023

Umeå Hardcore” is the first single from GATUPLAN's new album “Välkommen till underjorden” (Welcome To The Underground). The track is about the music scene of the Swedish city Umeå, but also about how music has the power to change your life to a better place.

The idea behind GATUPLAN comes from Inge Johansson (Swedish bassist known from bands like THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY, AGAINST ME!, CRYSSIS and CSS) who is going solo with a very together backing band.

With no intention to reinvent the wheel, GATUPLAN's music echoes of the music that inspired from the get go – in GATUPLAN you can hear the influences from the pop sensibilities of the mighty RAMONES, the groove of RANCID and SPECIALS, the attitude and edge of EBBA GRÖN, THE CLASH or PUBLIC ENEMY. But there's no ambition to become a retro or a concept act – GATUPLAN strives to make music for the here and now, and for the future to come.
The video to the track is directed/filmed by Emil Klinta, well known for his work with for example The Hellacopters & Ghost.
It's positive music in a negative time, and a soundtrack to a dream of a better future.

Inge Johansson comments
"Hello! Umeå Hardcore is the first single from the upcoming album! This is a song about how music can change your life to a better place, and about how music can bring outcasts together and make people who don't fit in fit in just perfectly."

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Gatup...
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_gatuplan_/
Listen to Umeå Hardcore here: https://orcd.co/umea-hc

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