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Steve Conte - Bronx Cheer (2021)

 Steve Conte - Bronx Cheer (2021)

Year Of Release: November 5 - 2021
Label: Wicked Cool Records
Genre: Rock
Total Time: 38:20

Produced By: Steve Conte & Andrew Hollander
Recorded at Atomic Sound, Brooklyn, NY, Sugarbox, NYC, Conte’s Joint, NYC, House Of Ziggy, Bronx, NY, Domestic Sound, UK

'Flying' is the latest track off of Steve Conte’s upcoming album, Bronx Cheer, out November 5th on Wicked Cool Records. While the song is coming out for the first time now, it has a history... “This one goes back to 1994 when I was working on a band that was never to be with Brynn Arens of Flipp. 

We jammed on this in my rehearsal studio very organically and I came up with the lyrics later. I did a few demos of it over the years and it never left my consciousness.” The lyrics focus on perseverance and how, “in the face of adversity, disappointment and trauma, a person of strong will can keep going for their dreams.” The bluesy ballad shows off Steve’s versatility and range, and is just a taste of what’s to come on Bronx Cheer.

The Band:

Steve Conte - Lead & Backing Vocals, 6 & 12 String Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Dobro, Ukulele, Leslie Bass (Liar Like You), Piano (Those Sexy Lies), Tambourine, Shaker, Handclaps
John Conte - Bass - Charley Drayton - Drums


1. The Human Animal (2:21)
2. Liar Like You (2:11)
3. Recovery Doll (2:48)
4. Wildwood Moon (3:05)
5. Flying (5:21)
6. Dog Days of Summer (2:29)
7. Overnight Smash (3:01)
8. Those Sexy Lies (3:43)
9. Guilty (5:35)
10. My Degeneration (4:52)
11. Gimme Gimme Rockaway (3:00)

 With Special Guests:

  • Chris Spedding – Lead Guitar (My Degeneration)
  • Willie Nile - Backing Vocals (Wildwood Moon, Liar Like You)
  • James Maddock - Backing Vocals (Wildwood Moon, Liar Like You)
  • Nicki Richards - Backing Vocals (Flying, Guilty)
  • LaJuan Carter-Dent - Backing Vocals (Flying, Guilty)
  • Sophia Ramos - Backing Vocals (Flying, Guilty), Pentecostal Tambourine (Those Sexy Lies)
  • Craig Dreyer - Baritone Saxophone (My Degeneration)
  • Andrew Hollander - Acoustic Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Wurlitzer Electric Piano (Guilty, Flying, Dog Days Of Summer, Wildwood Moon)
  • Zia Conte - Backing Vocals (Recovery Doll)
  • Baz Conte - Vocal Pleading (Dog Days Of Summer)
  • Clem Burke - Drums (Gimme Gimme Rockaway)
  • Andy Rourke - Bass (Gimme Gimme Rockaway)
Steve Conte - Foto Harrie Huisman

Website: https://stevecontewcr.bandcamp.com/

  $9.99 USD

For more information:
Mike Cubillos - Earshot Media
mike@earshotmedia.com | www.earshotmedia.com

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