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News: Cros - My Kind of Woman (Single)

Release: Cros - My Kind of Woman (Single)

CROS, former bassist for Lucky Peterson and Grammy Award winner James Cotton, has an immense range of experience with vast array of genres, the rewards of a career on stages with artists ranging from rap to blues, alternative rock to jazz. By fusing an amazing blend of music and experience over his
career CROS brings an incredible and unique presence to every performance. .....

You will experience a multitude of feelings and emotions all while sitting back and enjoying the ride through a mixture of Soul, Funk, Blues, Rock, R&B and Folk music that will leave you satisfied but clamoring for more all at the same time! Blending the sounds of the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Lenny Kravitz and Jerry Lee Lewis, Cros‛s debut single

“My Kind of Woman” fuses blues, soul, funk and rock. Powerful lead and background vocals make you want to sing along to the very catchy chorus. The deep groove work makes you want to get out of your chair and move your body. This song is destined to be a hit for our generation!

Frank Roszak
KBA Recipient 2014 PUBLICIST

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