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New Single: Black Nazareth - Cold As Stone

  • Black Nazareth - Cold As Stone

    • Genre: Hard Rock 
    • Label: Independent / Eigen Beheer 
    • Promotion: Sjerruf Music Support 
    • Release Date: OUT NOW! 
    • Formats: Stream  
    Black Nazareth
    Daniël de Jongh
    Menno Gootjes
    Henry G McIlveen
    Guests: Ernst van Ee
    Martijn Spierenburg Our experienced Dutch musicians from Threnody, Focus, Textures and  Within Temptation have joined their forces in a  new  Heavy  Rock Sensation. Hereby you'll have the fourth single and video    
  • It was in 2017 that Menno Gootjes approached Henry McIlveen
    with some ideas for a metal/rock album. As they previously
    worked together successfully in Threnody it was like a coming
    home to start writing together again. Even though this new
    project seemed far away from the pioneering progressive metal
    they made with Threnody it was experimental in every way.
    With the passing of every session slowly the focus of the project
    started to shift in a more rock-oriented approach. It was time to
    find some vocals! End of 2018 Daniël de Jongh joined the team.
    Daniël past experience with progressive metal heroes Textures
    and other rock projects gave him a fitting profile for where the
    music was leading.  

    The road to completion was a long one. Menno’s engagements
    with the progressive rock veterans of Focus kept him on the road
    for extended periods. It wasn’t until end of 2019 that Martijn
    Spierenburg joined the band. The sound needed something more
    and Martijn’s experience with the hit scoring symphonic metal
    band Within Temptation gave that much extra.

  • We had a line-up! The finalising of tracks has started, and there
    are many of them. The first track was released by the end of
    2020, which was followed by the second single by the end of
    January. March 5th got single #3 Ride released and now we have
    single #4 Cold as Stone. Once again this track is mixed by WT’s
    guitarist Stefan Helleblad and mastered by Renzo van Riemsdijk
    at Masterenzo Studios Rotterdam. 

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