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New Single: Voodoo Ramble - Midnight Train

Voodoo Ramble album That's Why and Midnight Train Single.

latest single 'Midnight Train' and the superb new album 'That's Why' from Croatia's finest blues-rockers - Voodoo Ramble led by the incomparable Boris Zamba

Leading Croatian rock/blues band Voodoo Ramble, led by vocalist and guitarist Boris Zamba, celebrated their 10th anniversary by signing to global Indie label Thoroughbred Music, Resulting in the release of the new album ‘That’s Why’ and the single ‘Midnight Train’.

Jump aboard the Voodoo Ramble musical juggernaut. ‘Midnight Train’ is a riff driven, “dirt in the tracks” trip down South, built on a deep groove, Boris Zamba’s impassioned vocals and stinging guitar, all offset by a catchy chorus, timeless vocals and pumping horns.

Midnight Train is the first creative collaboration between bandleader, guitar player, songwriter, and producer Boris Zamba and award-winning promoter/songwriter and net radio broadcaster Pete Feenstra. Asked about the single, co-writer Pete said: “It was a joy working with Boris. He’s is a super talented, versatile musician with real flair and a musical vision that is like a breath of fresh air.”

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