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Release: Jo Harman - Lonely Like Me (TV Mix)

Jo Harman releases a 'TV Mix' (ie no lead vocal) of her song 'Lonely Like Me', the closing opus from her 'People we Become' album. It may seem a little strange to release a version without Jo's towering main vocal, but this mix not only showcases Jo's composition (she wrote it alone) but also the majesty of her backing vocal arrangement (all her), as well as the sonic beauty of Fred Mollin's production and sonic capture at one of the World's foremost studios,

The Sound Emporium, in Nashville. Harman can pin you to the back wall with a roar, or break your heart with a whisper, and, like here, demonstrate most colours in between. For my money, Harman is Europes most compelling female vocalist since Dusty (and Dusty didn't have Jo's chops!). 

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