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Release: HUMAN FORTRESS - - Epic Tales & Untold Stories

HUMAN FORTRESS - - Epic Tales & Untold Stories 

Genre: Epic Power
Format: CD / Digital
Release Date: January 22nd, 2021 
Label: Massacre 
Marketing / Distribution: Suburban / Bertus
BeNeLux Promotion:The Rock Online

The new release of the epic power metal institution HUMAN FORTRESS: New, rare and previously unreleased tracks meet a selection of the band’s best songs!

Gus Monsanto - Vocals
Todd Wolf - Guitars
Volker Trost - Guitars
André Hort - Bass
Dirk Liehm - Keys
Apostolos Zaios - Drums
Former Band Members
Jioti Parcharidis - Vocals
Pablo J. Tammen - Bass
Dirk Marquardt - Keys

"Epic Tales & Untold Stories" is the most epic and commercial release of the band so far, and a gift and a huge thanks to their fans for more than 20 years of trust and solidarity!

 An info sheet with additional details about the album, the front cover as well as the lyrics are available for download just below the thumbnail of the album's front cover on the right side of this page.


CD Digipak 
CD 1
1. The Grimoire
2. Disappear In Dark Shadows
3. Vain Endeavour
4. Free
5. Fernweh
6. We Are Legion (Gus Version)
7. Cruel Fantasy
8. Pray For Salvation (Orchestral Version)
CD 2
1.Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir (Edit Version)
2.The Dragons Lair
3.Defenders Of The Crown
4.Border Raid In Lions March
5.Gladiator Of Rome (Part 1)
6.Gladiator Of Rome (Part 2)
7.Wasted Years
8.The Chosen One
9.Dark Knight
10.Thieves Of The Night
11.Rise Or Fall
12.Thrice Blessed
13.Lucifers Waltz

The CD Digipak version of the album will include 2 CDs: The first CD contains new, rare, and previously
unreleased songs, while the second CD offers a selection of the band’s best songs.

• Michael Bormann: Backing vocals and acoustic guitars on "The Grimoire"
• Tommy Newton: Bass on "Disappear In Dark Shadows"
• Hartmut Richter: Violin on "Border Raid In Lions March"
• Andreas Kienitz: Lead guitars on "Defenders Of The Crown"
• Additional backing vocals by Tommy Newton, Mel Newton, Jens Wunder, Juanra Hernandez,
Carsten Frank, Axel Kiehne, Ali Gürkan, Nico Lange & Björn Patschurek on all tracks originally taken
from the album "Defenders Of The Crown"


2000 • Human Fortress (EP)
2001 • Lord Of Earth And Heaven’s Heir
2003 • Defenders Of The Crown
2008 • Eternal Empire
2013 • Raided Land
2016 • Thieves Of The Night
2019 • Reign Of Gold
2021 • Epic Tales & Untold Stories

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