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Symphonic Metal: Leaves'Eye - The Last Viking

Leaves' Eyes - The Last Viking

Genre: Symphonic Metal
Format: 2-CD Digipak, 2-CD Digipak "Collector's Edition", Lim. Gtf. Colored Vinyl, Ltd. Harcover Artbook (30x30cm)
Release Date: 23th October 2020


Any Problems feel free to contact Theo Samson @ The Rock Online Promotion.

Monumental. Epic. Powerful. The Vikings last battle England in the year 1066. The decisive battle near Stamford Bridge. Warriors fighting death, the grounds soaked in blood. Norway s king Harald III, called Hardrada ( the hard ruler ) lies dying. His whole life flashes before his eyes: cruel wars, fights over power, journeys to exotic worlds guiding to powerful women, emperors and kings falling into ruin. The last Viking King is dead the Vikings age is over. Long live the Vikings. The Last Viking is the 2020-monumental-piece of LEAVES EYES. The setting of the symphonic metal masterpiece couldn t be more tremendous. With their cult-albums Vinland Saga (2005) and King of Kings (2015) they already turned Leif Erikssons discovery of America and the life of Norway s first king into music. Now, LEAVES EYES bring the Viking Sagas to their bombastic finale. As always, LEAVES EYES attach importance to historical accuracy. History books were devoured, sagas had to be studied. Some tv dramas or blockbusters make me smirk when I see the Viking Sagas turned upside down. We don t mess around in mythology! promises Alexander Krull (vocals), again responsible for conception and lyrics. The Last Viking itself would make a great screenplay. The sagas of Hardrada are full of drama, emotions and the everlasting fights for power. 


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