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💿 Debut Album: Godsnake - Poison thorn

Godsnake - Poison thorn

Genre: Heavy  Metal 
Format: Jewel Case  

Release Date: October   23th, 2020 

Label: Massacre 

Marketing / Distribution: Suburban / Bertus 

BeNeLux Promotion:The Rock Online 

 GODSNAKE present their debut album "Poison Thorn"!

 You can look forward to an album full of heavy riffs combined with long-lasting hooks, and catchy melodies that stay with you, even when the song is already over!

GODSNAKE – Poison Thorn
out on October 23, 2020
1. Urge To Kill
2. Poison Thorn
3. Sound Of The Broken
4. We Disagree
5. Stone The Crow
6. Darkness
7. You Gotta Pay
8. Blood Brotherhood
9. Hellbound Ride
10. This Is The End

Torger - Vocals
Stevo - Guitars
Malt - Guitars
Walt - Bass
Sidney - Drums


 Website: https://godsnake.de

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