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New Song: Jo Harman 'The Angel Leaves Her Watermark'

Jo Harman 'The Angel Leaves Her Watermark'

Produced by Jo Harman and Stefan Redtenbacher Co-produced by James Welch for Masterlink Productions

Performers: Jo Harman - vocals, co-producer http://joharman.com/ Stefan Redtenbacher - bass, bandleader, co-producer https://www.redtenbachersfunkestra.com/ Mike Outram - guitar https://www.mikeoutram.com/ Mike Sturgis - drums https://mikesturgis.co.uk Ross Stanley - Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ

We appreciate that this track won't be to everyone's taste - it's a somewhat increasingly trademark Harman ballad, deep and enigmatic  - but those who do 'get it' may well find it particularly compelling 
 It was recorded 100% live at Masterlink Studio in Surrey as a collaboration with an outfit that many good judges regard as the finest house band in Europe - Redtenbachers Funkestra, an outfit who's CV's include many legendary artists, Bowie and Elton included. 
The backstory to the song  is that around ten years ago, Jo used to hang with an exceptionally talented songwriter/musician called Jim Wood who was, at that time, the lead singer of a band called 'The Pangs'. He was a maverick nu wave soul kinda guy, somewhat in the Lewis Taylor mould, but Jim had this 'country' song he wrote -but has even now yet to record? - called 'The Angel Leaves Her Watermark'. Jo always loved the song, and she used to play it out at her own shows, from time to time, at the outset of her fledgling career..

Well here we are a decade later a Jim has made quite a name for himself as Royce Wood Junior (with, like Jo, millions of Spotify plays etc) and Jo has finally released her own take on the song, taking it to 'Harmansville', very much putting her own spin on it, so much so it's somewhat impossible to identify it, genre-wise. 

Like I say, it won't be for everyone, but for those it does touch, it tends to affect deeply, if the reaction - and tears - at live performances are anything to go by. The song is taken from 'Signature Soul' available as a Vinyl LP, DVD, CD and lossless FLAC digital from www.joharman.com/shop.

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