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New: Sam Joyner - When You Need a Friend

For Immediate Release: Sam Joyner - When You Need a Friend

  “Sam Joyner has an iconic DNA for his career in music.  He is one of the most engaging performers and storytellers you’ll ever meet. Sam is known for weaving humorous story lines throughout his performances. He is immensely talented and absolutely authentic. 

The Reverend Joyner made sure that his kids experienced the South.  So, growing up, Sam spent summers, “every summer”, with mules, roosters, and family. It wasn’t a dream vacation for a kid from Chicago, but Sam has made a beautiful life, filled with accomplishments and successes, from those beginnings.


Sam has traveled the world, but the most significant path for him has been between Chicago, Mississippi and New Orleans.  He is the epitome of the blend of the rich music culture that connects these areas.

        We congratulate Sam and celebrate the release of this album!”

            -Shirley Waring

            Mississippi Ambassador

            Blues Hall of Fame

Track Listing:
 1. Must Be Jelly (Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That) ) - 3:42
 2. Goin 'to Chicago - 4:03
 3. Moeilijk 4 tha-geld - 4:34
 4. Them Bluez - 4:36
 5. Breakin' Up Our Happy Home - 7:10
 6. Nothin 'You Can Do About Love - 4:56
 7. Natural Born Luvah - 3:24
 8. Uien zijn niet het enige (dat maakt je aan het huilen) - 3:26
 9. Sam Joyner in tha Hause - 4:23
10. When U Need a Friend - 5:02

Website: https://samjoyner.com/


For more Information:  Frank Roszak

 KBA Recipient 2014 PUBLICIST


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