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(Thirty Tigers / Delicata Records)
Release date: Friday, April 24th 2020

Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee are two kindred spirits who first met on the banks of the Mississippi while touring the Midwest festival
circuit. Born and raised in Arkansas, Winter found herself drawn to the evergreens and damp air of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the boundless music scene of Olympia, Washington. She released three solo records on Olympia-based indie label, K Records, and performed in ramblin’ folk bands and anarchic punk bands before serendipitously meeting Palmer T. Lee in 2013.

Lee had built his first banjo when he was 19 from pieces he inherited and began cutting his teeth fronting Minneapolis string bands before convincing Winter that they should form a banjo duo. Now, as The Lowest Pair, they have recorded and released five albums together, relentlessly toured North America, and ventured to the UK twice, playing over 500 live shows over the past five years.

The Perfect Plan by The Lowest PairProduced by Mike Mogis, ARC Studios, Omaha
Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee vocals, banjos, guitars
Percussion: JT Bates and Nate Van Fleet
Bass: Miwi La Lupa and Dean Shakked
Mandolin: Derek McSwain
Electric guitar: Joey Capoccia
Pedal Steel & Mellotron: Mike Mogis
Keys: Ben Brodin

Whether together in the studio or thousands of miles apart, Winter and Lee are two sides of the same coin whose experiences define and support each other. And The Lowest Pair harnesses and harmonizes that wisdom in The Perfect Plan as a way of distilling the magic of their partnership into a singular tangible experience that speaks to audiences across genres and through various artistic avenues. “I love the stripped-down versions of these songs,” Winter admits. “I think they leave a lot to the imagination, and I trust people have enough juice to choose their own adventures in the space that the band fills out on the record. But we also can’t wait to tour with a full band and to see how that magic translates on stage. It felt really exciting in the studio, and the songs pack a much greater punch with the added instrumentation.”

1. The Lowest Pair - How Far I Would Go05:13
2. The Lowest Pair - Too Late Babe04:49
3. The Lowest Pair - Wild Animals04:34
4. The Lowest Pair - Shot Down the Sky05:43
5. The Lowest Pair - Cast Away02:25
6. The Lowest Pair - Morning Light04:43
7. The Lowest Pair - We Are Bleeding04:59
8. The Lowest Pair - Enemy of Ease03:49
9. The Lowest Pair - Take What You Can Get04:12
10. The Lowest Pair - The Perfect Plan05:10

For more information: www.bertus.com 

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