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Christmas: Michele D'Amour And The Love Dealers - Christmas In Blue

Michele D'Amour And The Love Dealers - Christmas In Blue

Publicist: Betsie Brown, Blind Raccoon, betsie@blindraccoon.com
When thinking of Christmas traditions and holiday music, the Pacific Northwest is not the first place that
comes to mind, and yet some of the best-selling Christmas music came from Northwest natives. ‘White
Christmas’ from Spokane crooner Bing Crosby is one such example that tops the list. Growing up hearing
this and other iconic music, award-winning song writer Michele D’Amour longed to add her voice to that

Now leading her own band, The Love Dealers, she has finally made that dream come true with
the release of their sixth album “Christmas in Blue.”
The Seattle-based group recorded the ten-song collection after much encouragement and requests from
fans who heard the group perform several of the songs. The album includes eight original songs along
with two often covered classics that are a must for any Christmas album and on which the band puts

The set kicks off with the title track and augments the five-piece band with a full horn section on a Big
Joe Turner styled jump with D’Amour teaching us all how to paint our ‘Christmas In Blue.’ She then pokes
fun at the storybook game that encourages kids to be on their best behavior during the holidays, ‘Elf On
A Shelf,’ by telling the story of a kid, who’s suspicious of the creepy little guy and tells him to get lost.
Sax man Noel Barnes plays the part of Maceo on the burning James Brown styled ‘Funky Santa.’ The
swinging 12-bar ‘Bring My Baby Back,’ has all the elements of a classic Christmas blues ballad that could
have come from Etta James or Ray Charles.

D’Amour has a little fun with the notion of being passed over by Santa while the band got some great
presents on the jazzy ‘All I Got For Christmas.’ She then gets a bit cheeky on the slinky track ‘Naughty
List,’ tempting her man to meet her under the mistletoe. A white Christmas is truly a rare thing in Seattle,
so the big band swing of ‘Weatherman’ is a plea for the city’s favorite forecaster to bring on the white
stuff in time for a cool yule. The traditional hymn ‘Silent Night’ is delivered with reverence and the update
of an easy back beat and glorious Hammond B3 from keyboardist Brian Olendorf. ‘The Noisiest Toy’ is a
rockabilly party full of zips, beeps and whizbangs that celebrates the joy of being a kid on Christmas
morning, and features a blazing guitar solo by special guest CD Woodbury. Drummer Dave Delzotto leads
the second line for a Bourbon Street Christmas parade closing the show with a New Orleans version of
‘The Little Drummer Boy.’

“Christmas In Blue” from Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers is a loving gift; well written, played with
skill, and delivered with joy.

WEBLINKSOS: www.micheledamourandthelovedealers.com
FB: www.facebook.com/MicheleDamourandtheLoveDealers

Publicist: Betsie Brown, Blind Raccoon, betsie@blindraccoon.com

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