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Release: Magic Kingdom - MetAlmighty


Genre: Symphonic Powermetal
Format: Digipak
Release Date: 22nd of  November 2019
Label : AFM
Marketing / Distribution : Suburban / Bertus
Promotion : The Rock Online

Belgian guitarist Dushan Petrossi is not only the driving force behind IRON MASK, he is also the mastermind of the symphonic speed metallers MAGIC KINGDOM, which released five albums by now and achieved international success, especially in Europe

Asia and South America. Just one year after the band was founded, they released their 1999 debut ,The
Arrival', five years later followed 'Metallic Tragedy', which received rave reviews as well. In particular, this album and the ensuing 'Symphony Of War' make MAGIC KINGDOM complete and let them become a fixed size of their genre. 

While IRON MASK sounds more like classical Hard Rock and neo-classical inspired Metal, the four-piece is much harder and faster – though no less fascinating and catchy.
The new album 'MetAlmighty' delivers 100% of what the fans are expecting, Dushan's splendid guitar work combined with the

strong vocal performance of Michael Vescera puts flesh on the songs and zests artfullness. "Michael's vocals are very expressive and passionate," notes Petrossi. "He always gives 100% and holds nothing back. We needed someone like him and are very glad that he is part of the band now.”
Even though the name MAGIC KINGDOM make believe a certain innocence, which reminds of the Disney theme parks, you should not be fooled by it.

The bands sound got iron balls, is although deeply rooted in melodic metal and has definitively a mind of its own. The furious
playing of Petrossi especially adds the neo-classical touch, no wonder that the excellent guitarist is compared to greats like Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Romeo. And so the new album "MetAlmighty" will hook up right there where "Savage
Requiem" has ended. The production of the new album delights with flawless and nuanced sound, which develops an amazing amount of pressure and an arc of suspense at the same time. But first of all MAGIC KINGDOM can score with their powerful melodies. Enthusiasts of symphonic power metal won´t get around "MetAlmighty".

Dushan Petrossi (guitars), Michael Vescera (vocals), Vassili Moltchanov (bass), Michael Brush (drums)

TracklistingCD or DVD: (01:01:21)01 - Unleash The Dragon | 02 - Wizards And Witches | 03 - In The Den Of The Mountain Trolls | 04 - Fear My Fury | 05 - Rise
From The Ashes, Demon | 06 - Metalmighty | 07 - So Fragile | 08 - Temple Of No Gods | 09 - Just A Good Man | 10 - Dark
Night, Dark Thoughts | 11 - King Without A Crown |

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