Video: Joe Bonamassa "Motherless Children" British Blues Explosion Live

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Joe Bonamassa, the two-time GRAMMY-nominated blues rock guitar icon has recently announced the release of British Blues Explosion Live. A Salute to the British Blues Explosion and the British guitarists that inspired him. One of those guitarist is of course Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton is probably Joe’s greatest musical hero. Clapton is a living legend like few others in music. He created some of the most refreshing, breathtaking, groundbreaking guitar work out there. His legacy is brilliant. Different eras of Eric Clapton will appeal to different musical tastes, but Clapton is always producing music of the highest quality. Joe especially favors his early music with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers and Cream, as well as his fine music with Derek and the Dominos along with his solo work of the 1970s. But with Eric Clapton, you can really never go wrong. That’s why when Joe got to play with Clapton at The Royal Albert Hall, it was truly a life defining moment for Joe. Possibly the greatest day of his life.

Joe Bonamassa’s love of the British Blues is at the heart of his musical inspiration; and, for the first time, with this unforgettable performance he was able to give special homage to the British guitarists that inspired him, including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.


1. Beck's Bolero / Rice Pudding
2. Mainline Florida
3. Boogie With Stu
4. Let Me Love You Baby
5. Plynth (Water Down The Drain)
6. Spanish Boots
7. Double Crossing Time
8. Motherless
10. Tea For One / I Can't Quit You Baby
11. Little Girl
12. Pretending
13. Black Winter / Django
14. How Many More Times