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Release: Dede Priest & Johnny Clark’s Outlaws - Best Pieces

Artiest/Band: Dede Priest & Johnny Clark’s Outlaws

  • Album: BEST PIECES
  • Release Date: 20.05.2024
  • Label: Creeping Fig Records

The writing for this new album started some months ago. Actually, Dede & Johnny never stop writing. So, the seeds of some of these songs were already sown right after the release of their previous album, “When Birds Were Snakes” in 2021.

In the past years, Dede Priest & Johnny Clark’s Outlaws released 2 full albums and an EP.  They performed all over Europe, further developing their unique style, crossing Blues with Rock, Folk, Soul, Gospel, and Country.

If you are a sucker for energy-driven Rock, Blues, Indie Rock, a dash of Funk and Country fronted by a Texan woman who has a mesmerizing and haunting voice, have I got a band for you ...”

Blues Blast Magazine, USA

The songs are highly personal, reflecting on the world we live in. With the help of good friend and acclaimed musician Richard Van Bergen and the “tube magic” at Bird Stevens’ Tub Thumper Records vintage recording studio, Dede Priest & Johnny Clark’s Outlaws added yet another layer to these tracks on their new album.


Website: https://www.dedepriest.com/ Tracks:

  1. Desert Garden (A. Daniell, D. Priest)
  2. Never Too Late To Go To Nashville (D. Priest, J. Clark)
  3. Boat In The Attic (D. Priest, J. Clark)
  4. Best Pieces (D. Priest, J. Clark)
  5. Rusty Cage (C. Cornell, J. Cash)
  6. Desdemona & Othello (D. Priest, J. Clark)
  7. Blade Of Grass (D. Priest, J. Clark)
  8. 99½ Won’t Do (D. Coates, Arr. D. Priest, J. Clark)
  9. In This Lifetime (D. Priest, J. Clark)
  10. Tender Rain (D. Priest, J. Clark)

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