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Chad Rupp & The Sugar Roots - Devil Won't Get You

Chad Rupp & The Sugar Roots - Devil Won't Get You


Hot on the heels of last year’s breakout debut album “Savage’s Life” comes “Th e Devil Won’t Get You,” a new collection of 11 brilliantly original songs from Chad Rupp and the Sugar Roots.
Th e Portland, Oregon group features some of the brightest lights of the formidable Oregon blues scene on this album.........

including BMA winner Jimi Bott on drums and Peter Dammann (Paul Delay) on guitar. Joining on harmonica and vocals on “Blues Men In Black,” a cautionary 420 tale, is Johnny Wheels, whose recent debut album charted on Living Blues and earned accolades from around the world.

Another notable guest is Portland stalwart Lloyd Jones, a veteran of the BB King Tour and Delbert McClinton’s Sandy Beaches cruises.
Th e album pays homage to the deep tradition of Portland blues with the song “At Th e Candlelight Room,” a tribute to an historic fall- en Portland venue and the people that made it legendary. Chad Rupp also tips his hat to the internional blues community with “Th e Blues Won’t Get You,” inspired by his 2023 International Blues Challenge adventure, in which he honors those he met along the way.

With “Th e Devil Won’t Get You,” Chad Rupp and the Sugar Roots demonstrate that they have not only genius but staying power, guar- anteeing that they will be a powerful presence for years to come.


Chad Rupp: Vocals, guitar Brady T. Goss: Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer Louis Pain: Organ Timmer Blakely: Bass Jimi Bott: Drums, Percussion Scott Franklin: Sax Joe-Mack McCarthy: Trumpet Peter Damman: Guitar on 8 Lloyd Jones: Vocals on 10 Valyria Arnold: Vocals on 6, 9, 10 Johnny Wheels: Vocals, harmonica on 2, vocals on 4 Andrew Matthew: Vocals on 11 Paula Bunion: Vocals on 11 TJ Wong: Vocals on 11 Jimi Bott: Vocals on 11


1. Easy Money (3:32)
2. Blues Men In Black (4:34)
3. I Got You (3:19)
4. Don't Bite The Hand -Rule #3 (3:50)
5. Leopard For Your Love (4:07)
6. I've Been Thinking (Feat. Valyria Arnold) (4:30)
7. At The Candlelight Room (3:44)
8. Red Heads, Hair Dressers, And Chicks Named Tiffany (3:29)
9. The Devil Won't Get You (4:43)
10. You're Not My Baby (3:55)
11. Tighten It Up (3:34)

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