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New Video: BONFIRE - BONFIRE release new video entitled "

BONFIRE release new video entitled "Love Don't Lie"
As everybody knows today, the “Fistful Of Fire” album release in 2020 was ill-fated by that worldwide Covid-19 pandemic – store had closed short after the release and the tour had to be postponed and even cancelled in the end. It’s a fact, that the band did not play one single show with their new album to that very day. Today BONFIRE released a brand new single called “Love Don’t Lie”,

a song that has been written 2008 for the “The Räuber”, which has been a cooperation between the Theater Ingolstadt and the band – it is their most successful theater piece coop, with 3 seasons, 55 sold-out shows and 50 thousand spectators. The new version of the song, beautifully arranged, comes as a really lovely duet with Alexx Stahl and Lydia Panè, wife of guitarist Frank Panè.

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