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New Album: 8 Ball Aitken - Ice Cream Man

My new album ICE CREAM MAN CDs and vinyl records are available for pre-order on my website now. I produced the album myself and I can't wait for everyone to hear it. May 2021 rock and may Ice Cream Man bring the coolness you need!

  • Brand new 2021 album release produced by 8 Ball Aitken

To help keep in touch with my friends worldwide, I'm gonna play live on Facebook tomorrow with a special guest, my brother Dillion James. Everytime I get a cancelled gig (Tamworth in this case), I'll replace it with a live stream so we can keep the music live as can be in the places that I can't currently get to on tour. My LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK GIG will be 10am Queensland time and that makes 7pm in Nashville, midnight in the UK etc.

Meanwhile in Australia... I’ve got my border pass so the Urunga, New South Wales gig is all go for this Sunday JAN 17, 2pm-5pm. Did 'Urunga' up ☎️ and tell 'em I'm coming? Haha 😂.

In the coming weeks and months I'll be playing all over Queensland with gigs including Toowoomba, Gympie-ish (Wolvi), Brisbane, Mission Beach, Cairns and Townsville. More dates are being added ASAP. I’m getting my 8-piece band together for the Agnes Water Blues Festival too. Don’t miss the 8 Ball 8-Piece if you can. For everyone else, I hope you are well, see you on the internet.


  • 1.     Ice Cream Man
  • 2.     What Goes Up
  • 3.     Peace, Love And Understanding
  • 4.     Boomerang
  • 5.     Flames Of Love
  • 6.     Love Me Or Leave Me
  • 7.     Hard Times And Struggle
  • 8.     Mother Nature’s Mad
  • 9.     Solitaire
  • 10.  Weight Of The World

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