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Livestream: Asphyx Metropool.

  Asphyx De legendarische Dutch Death Doom helden uit ons bloedeigen Twente keren terug naar Metropool, om de release van het nieuwe album ...

Debuut: Scarlett Graham - Fermantle

For CRS, Wolfe Island Records and producer Chris Brown have been a great resource for new artists. Some of them came to a recording career at a rather "mature" age like David Corley or Suzanne Jarvie, but there is certainly also an open ear for young talent. Last year we released a wonderful album by Hadley McCall Thackston and here is an EP that we find fascinating, captivating, energizing. Scarlett Graham is a wonderful surprise and we are quite sure you will be as pleased with and maybe even intruiged by the 5 songs on her debut FREMANTLE (available digitally on July 10)

as Chris Brown puts it: Her songs speak of home in a personal sense, and in a universal sense by relationship to the earth. She shares musical sensibilities with Aldous Harding, and generational sensibilities with Greta Thunberg. I feel lucky to be playing any part in introducing Scarlett to audiences everywhere.”


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