(Big Scary Monsters)
Release date: Friday, April 5th 2019

From their sudden and deliberate first chord on Love Keeps Kicking, beloved British punk collective Martha announce their intent to kick back. Across 11 tracks, these daughters and sons of Pity Me, England, show that, while our world might be in spiral, there is still plenty worth fighting for. In many ways Love Keeps Kicking is a breakup record, with each song
inhabiting different parts of the process. But while many songs are openly about romantic breakups, most could just as easily about the pain of seeing the world swing dramatically towards the far right. As Pitchfork noted in their glowing review of 2016’s Blisters in the Pit of My Heart, Martha explore the “intersections of reality and emotionality.” For a band whose identities are political whether or not they want them to be, daily life in 2018 is often a kick in the teeth.

Maturity in punk is often code for “boring”. Sometimes that’s true, but if Love Keeps Kicking illustrates anything, it’s the importance of growth in a stunted world—of knowing how to love what you have, and how to celebrate the loves you’ve lost. Martha have already made a case for themselves as this generation’s Buzzcocks (if not this generation’s Clash), and with Love Keeps Kicking fans will likely find themselves discovering even more about the band to love. Because even if the world’s going to shit, love keeps kicking.

  • Tracklist:

1. Heart Is Selling03:11

2. Sight For Sore Eyes03:46
3. Into This03:12
4. Wrestlemania VIII01:48
5. Mini Was a Preteen Arsonist03:23
6. Love Keeps Kicking03:53
7. Brutalism by the River (Arrhythmia)02:37
8. Orange Juice04:09
9. The Void03:12
10. Lucy Shone a Light on You04:17
11. The Only Letter That You Kept03:43

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